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indoor lighting

LED automotive interior lighting sets modern lighting accents according to your needs. View our complete range of interior lights, suitable for many different rooms and in many different styles, all LED capable. Indoor lighting, Body SpotLED Set, transparent. Outdoor; light function: with cabin lighting.

Design your living area with our interior lighting range.

Indoor with LEDs

Automotive light is fresh, eye-catching and comfortable and has an eye-catching, modern feel. Lights tailored to your individual needs as a motorist. Young or old, masculine or feminine - thanks to LEDs, everyone can create a mood of their own in their own vehicle. Let yourself be inspire by our LEDambient CONNECT product and emphasise the detail in your vehicle interior with bold colours.

Classy illumination for your passenger compartment. Looking for brandnew items? Design your vehicles with the CONNECT LEDambient, an innovative colour changing solution. TUNING LIGHTS CONNECT are self-sticking, easy to fit strip LEDs.

LEambient Power CONNECT is a versatile lamp that adds colour to the interior of your car. The INTERIOR STRIP KIT can be used to illuminate the interior of any car with high-performance and long-lasting lighting. For the interior of a motor home or van, 90LEDs deliver 12W clear daylight with a colour temp. 4500KLambient Interior Strips are self-adhesive, can be cut to length and are simple to use.

It sets contemporary and at the same token convenient trends in the passenger compartment. No more searching for parcels in the trunk of a lorry in the darkness or putting up with gloomy illumination in a motor home, because the high luminous power of this construction set provides excellent vision.

Two 1.5 metre long, remote-controlled strip LEDs are included in the interior strip kit and are now available in dealers. Connect your luminaires with the free CONNECT Design ambience application. And once mated, you can quickly and simply set up your vehicle's highlighting via Bluetooth. This application provides fast and easy acces to the colour settings of the following devices:

With the TUNING LIGHTS CONNECT and HYBRID CONNECT LEDs, our TUNING LIGHTS CONNECT and HYBRID CONNECT LEDs can be used. Different Items, One Application - Your Styles! ONLY FOR INDOOR USE. They are not ECE approved. Certain jurisdictions do not allow the sales or use of these materials.

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