Inexpensive Wedding Venues in Columbus Ohio

Cheap wedding venue in Columbus Ohio

You are invited to "Think Outside the Boxcar" and we will host your next event in the depot in Columbus, Ohio. I' m having a terrible time trying to find wedding variety in Columbus. Search wedding locations in Columbus Ohio, Columbus Ohio and Columbus wedding locations to find the perfect wedding location.

Marriage locations in Columbus, OH - 138 locations

Embracing the shores of the Olentangy River in central Ohio, York Golf Club provides a scenic location for your wedding, corporative supper, feast, shower teatime or get-together. Embedded in the handmade lime stone vault of the Bavarian brewery Schlee from 1875, Graystone is the ideal venue for this extraordinary occaint... When the situation is your challange, our soiree rooms can be furnished according to your wishes!

Enjoy the best Columbus hotels in Ohio. Enjoy Hyatt Regency Columbus, a luxury inner-city estate ideal for corporate and on-call use. Be it an intimate meeting or a large and generous meeting, the wonderful environment of the Conservatory offers an exceptional framework. You can use the filtering option to find your perfect Columbus wedding spot.

Inexpensive venues in Columbus OH?!

Everyone, I have a terrible case trying to find ceremony scene in Columbus. We' d like our wedding in the city centre and our visions are metropolitan and new. I' d finally emotion having the ceremony celebration at the Hyatt Regency, they haven't contact me with a punctuation yet, but I'm almost certain it's going to be prohibitively costly (sadface).

Anyone know of any cheap places that bring together my wedding my visions and allow outside grocery suppliers? P.S. I'm an Ohio gal, too! Only place in the city I really liked and visited was the Columbus Athletic Club. Other two I saw in the city centre were the Greystone wine cellar (also no outdoor food and somehow seemed like it was just a cellar) and the Athenaeum.

They were the most accessible of city centre venues and they were a knot pick. I don't know whether that will help or not, you' re hoping to find something, I'm a bee here in Columbus, PM am planing if you want to know about anywhere else I was looking at!

Though I was looking at a bundle of different venues and the only one I really recall letting you get into your own nutrition was spectacular Tal Dorale ball-room..., which is kind of overall opposite of municipal and fashionable sights, and it's near the airfield not in the city centre. I' ve got mine in the vault in Columbus city.

It' an old bank vault I like because it is so different. I even get special wine for wedding presents, which nobody else allows. I' m new to the executive committee, but I'm excited to hear how you'd feel about The Vault. We' re watching it for our November wedding.

The 900 W Rich (I think the name is) is a pretty new storehouse that lets to marriages.... it could be just what you need. There was no offence to any chicks getting married at the Vault, but I thought it was way looking down (carpets, etc.) and there was only one bath room (maybe two, I can't remember) individual barn!

That was a scab - nobody wants to queue for a wedding. However, it is in a great position (city centre). jQuery ("#popup1. signin-popup form.ffl-form"). append((('''))); jQuery("#popup1. signin-popup forme. ffl-form"). append((('')))); jQuery("#popup1. signin-popup form.ffl-form"). append((('''') ) ; jQuery("#popup1. signature popup form.ffl-form"). append(((((((''))))) ; jQuery("input[name='_wp_http_referer']]"). attr('value', _wp_http_referer +'#form-comment') ; R├╝ckgabe truth ; } } }.

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