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new delhi (ap) - Millions of beached folks waited for Saturday's salvation and civil servants pleaded for more help as unforgiving monsoons hit the southern Indian state of kerala, where more than 190 have dead in a little over a week and much of the state is partly sunk.

Severe rainfall began to hit parts of the state again on Saturday mornings and slowed down efforts to use rescue forces and bring aid to remote areas, many of which have seen no help for a few short months and can only be accessed by boats or helicopters. Over 300,000 refugees have found refuge in over 1,500 state aid centres, said officers.

"We' re getting several repeated rescues," said Pinarayi Vijayan, the state's highest officer, in a Friday twitter, asking the needy to state their precise locations and local attractions so that the saviours could find them. Officers have named it the most severe floods in Kerala in a hundred years, with precipitation in some areas far in excess of twice the average seasonal rain.

Strong rainfall since August 8 has led to flooding and mudslides and the destruction of houses and footbridges over Kerala, a scenic state known for its tranquil rainforests and lovely sandy shores. Officers have estimated that more than 10,000 kilometres (6,200 miles) of the country's streets have been destroyed, and one of the country's largest airport, in the town of Kochi, has been inoperative.

Narendra Modi meeting with the highest civil servants of the state on Saturday promised more than $70 million in assistance. In Kerala, while the federal administration has sent several troops, state officers are asking for extra help. "If you have modes, please give us choppers, give us choppers. Please, please," said state lawmaker Saji Cherian on a Kerala-based TV station, the Indian Express paper said.

Modus said 38 choppers were used for searching and rescuing missions in the state with more than 33 million inhabitants. "All of us are praying for the security and welfare of the Kerala people," he said in a comment. The Kerala Civil Protection Bureau says at least 194 persons have been killed in floods in Kerala since the start of the deluge on 8 August, and 36 more are not there.

Over 1,000 individuals have been killed since the beginning of the rainy seasons in seven states, more than 300 of them in Kerala.

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