Imperial Valley Mall

The Imperial Valley Mall

The Imperial Valley Mall is a closed shopping mall in El Centro, California. The Imperial Valley Mall, El Centro, CA. Empire Valley Mall - 28 photos & 29 reviews - malls - 3451 S Dogwood Rd, El Centro, CA - telephone number

Imperial Valley Mall is the only mall in the region where you can do all the important purchases. We' ve been to one of the anchorages here several time. Macy''s, JC Penney's, Kohl's, Sears and even a Dilliard's.

We' ve been to the other malls and they seem to have the same thing. A number of smaller shops are available in the mall, as well as for clothes, accessoires, shoes, jewellery, make-up, furnishings and home décor. There' also a grocery store with a merry-go-round and various grocers through the shopping centre such as Burgers and Beers, Auntie Ann's, Cinnnabon's and Subway.

Mexican, Simplified China, Italian, juices and smoothies are served on the Mexican courts, as well as some sweets such as raspados, icecream and a café with fried treats. This shopping mall is great if you are looking for something out of the ordinary and also a good place to get out of the hot weather in the sommer.

The Imperial Valley Mall is recommended. The first is a burger seller they had in their grocery shop it was really really really good fried really warm and delicious chips were really warm and delicious it's now gone how sorry II criticism is for a sneaker shop I can't remember the name of There are or was athletes footwear shop

In August 2014, I went to the shop and purchased two pair of Reebok sports footwear five star on the prize I got two pair of footwear that really fits well for a little over $200 minus five star for the two ladies who work here, somehow persuaded me to take out a free Sports Illustratedscription, which is a free one, and I was able to buy two Reebok sports footwear five star for the two of them, which is a little over $200 minus five star for the two of them, and I was able to get them to do it for me,

That mall is very neat. And I like how this mall is not confused with all the side vents or circle you can get out of. Nearly all shops are accessible via the hall... it's a flat line. The place is so loved that I see that many Mexicali folks come here to buy things.

I' ve even met Yuma folks, AZ here too. A fairly simple shopping mall that covers much of the Imperial Valley. Here you have the shops like Macy's, JC Penney, Forever21, Victoria's Secret, etc. and a grocery store with various groceries like sweets, China meals and Mexico meals.

Many secondary and grammar students find their way to this mall, as it is one of the most important places to go and relax, especially as there is a cinema there. Regarding to shopping, you can actually find some great clothing and good offers in many of the shops, so come by if you are nearby and have the need to go shopping yourself or take some killing time. Here are some of the great things you can find in the shops.

That'?s the mall we like. You got the regular kind of business in there. We ( my wifes ) like the Cinnabon Shop, and also ( my children ) Hot Topics, and the like. Well, I found a cartoon shop in there somewhere, so yes. Buying for a bargain in a good deal is also a good thing.

Actually, this shopping centre is very beautiful! And if you've ever driven through the Imperial Valley or come for a trip, you know there's nothing to do in this city. The shopping mall is a great place to keep away from the dessert heats! at this mall.

There are some shops that might talk to you in Spanish when you come in, but keep in mind that we're really near the frontier, so I'm not astonished. However, going through the supermarkets is very useful for everyone! There is also a rug in the mall and it is very neat! All in all, my overall shopping centre experiences are always good.

This shopping centre is, in a nutshell, an ideal choice because of its position. It' s one of my favourite centres, and although it does lack choices for foods courts, it makes up for them in other areas. My favourite part of the shopping centre in detail is the special atmosphere it creates. And I don't know how to describe it, but the folks here seem really optimistic.

There' s your usual business, but I like the fact that it doesn't have a Walmart on it. It'?s not that there's a shortage of business or anything, but I find it apt. There will be lots of shops in other shopping centers that nobody goes to, so I find the Imperial Valley Mall a great place for a while.

This mall is clean as a whole, so the placekeepers who work here should get requisites, especially if they have to clear the car park because it's tidy. This is my only whinge in any mall, because I really don't like having to find a place to park. You' re usually only going to go to a few shops, so it's great to have tonnes of car parks for minimum going.

All I' m complaining about is the foods court. Well, I'm not complaining. There were three varieties of Chinese / Eastern cuisine, but there may be seven ways to dine. and I definitely loved the Chinese cuisine there. Doesn't look like the Food Tribunal gets so many folks gonna do it.

Well, I went out at lunchtime and saw maybe 20 guys having dinner. I found this mall on our way home from San Diego. As my husbands wanted to dine at the grocery board, I made my way through the mall to pass the while. Gastronomy didn't have anything to impress me about. Most of the times I spent in a shop where all the clothes are $10 and under.

Those gals who worked in the shop were really cute. By the time I got to the van, I was checking my groceries and they all were smelling like dinner. That' probably because the place is right across the street from the grocery stores? The shopping centre offers a great stop when you drive through the centre of nowhere.

When it comes to the return of clothing, even if you've kept the receipts and are well within the deadline, they still only want to give you one voucher. The mall doesn't have to work too well, which is because too many folks realize that bullshit is too expensive.

This place is known to be "new" and it is also the only shopping centre within an hours ride, but really?! A one-storey mall? You want to be the only mall in the area, at least do it better. Stores here are quite common and the mall itself doesn't look good at all.

It is a groan of ease for a city that would otherwise suffer a great deal of losses when buying and leaving the mall. What can you do to give this mall more than three star rating? I' m a "Valleyite", and while I'm going to say that I go active buying here, it's not the biggest mall out there (obviously).

That' not the diamonds in the raw material for The Valley. Unfortunately, some of the shops in the mall have shut down. Of course, with the downturn, despite all the transport from the frontier, Mexicali could not keep some of the businesses going. Fortunately, it's not a dismal mall yet. Inside the mall, folks are here and there for help with everything.

I have had good and negative experience and I think it differs more with the shops than with the mall itself. Installations are fairly neat, but it's a relatively new mall. They will probably speak to you in Spanish before English, and that's just the way it is out here, no difference how un-American it is.

There is a big movie theater in the mall, and it is well air-conditioned so that you all try to get out of the hot weather. It' s designed to open early so folks can enter the mall for movement, the shutter will do this and savour the cold breeze.

There' s a Burgers & Beer in the Mall, which is an added convenience when you consider that it's the only place you can actually find in the Mall. There' s a nice merry-go-round and various child-friendly rides throughout the year, which include a funicular that runs through the shopping centre. They did well for The Valley.... but this place won't keep San Diego's Fashion Valley giants holding a stick, but it will hit Yuma's Outdoors Mall (talk about the dumbest choice mankind knows).

A great shopping centre for the valley. Wish it had more shops and a better selection of foods courts. All in all a great shopping centre and a place to escape the hot summers! Admittedly, this is a rather stunning mall because I'm where it is. However, I was really struck by this shopping mall.

The cinema is BIG and inexpensive (compared to NY cinemas....) and the mall has some beautiful shops where you can checkout and spend your free money. It' not very crowded, not even on a Saturday, but I suppose it's just because it's a very big mall in a relatively sparsely populated area, although I'm sure that will eventually get better.

This place is unexpectedly respectable for the Kaisertal. A good choice of shops all around. The choice of gastronomy could be better. Now, just if we could get an Apple Retailer... a fairly mediocre midsize shopping mall, fairly new, nothing too thrilling here except OK.... It' not the best mall in the whole wide world...not too much choice and not everyone is speaking this is disappointing for me, but oh good.

And I thought this was gonna be a great little mall. After a walk on the second morning I paused in about three shops. All shop windows seemed to be full and they had many possibilities in the foods courts. I' m not a big mall guy, but I did enjoy my stay here and refer them to others.

Given the number of Imperial Valley residents who will be paying the mall rates, I think this is an outstanding mall. Macy' s & Dillard' s have great clothing sells, in all shapes and sizes, as most of the valley's inhabitants don't get to buy the full amount and only the store discounts in the valley. I' m happy that the mall is here and wish me more support with my mall.

Good business, since it's the only mall in the area. Quite good restaurant on the edge of the mall.

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