Ibm Credit Union Bank

Co-operative credit bank

Comments and Tariffs for IBM Southeast Employees' Credit Union of Ally Bank, member of FDIC. 24-7 client support. I began my work with the IBM Southeast Employees Federal Credit Union in 1997. I was able to bear in the payment of high interest loans and help in alleviating the monetary strain I was under. Moreover, their client services are excellent and their readiness to respond to customers' needs in a friendly manner is not found in most banks.

Over the years I have been a client of several banks, but I have never worked with a bank that has made as many errors as this one. As I opened my bankroll, I provided all necessary documents. Though I shaken that off, then I subscribed up to get my bank accounts on line, even though I still got them through the post, eventually when I was moving, I provided them with the proper adress and then one days I got a 5. 00 boot because my post return.

What kind of a man in the whole wide oceans asks his post to come back? By the time I phoned to get rid of the prosecution, the individual I was talking to was unpleasant and could have been less concerned about what I had to say. and pretended that it was natural to be indicted.

It was on that date that I decided to shut down my bankroll. I' ve had cash in your bank for years because I signed a contract with you. They' re not looking out for you or your cash! I' m shutting down this bankroll for a number of reason! I' ve set up several IBM SECU bankrolls after the 2008 catastrophe, looking for a great banking option.

Your shortage of wire transfers (then) led me to shut down most of my bankroll. I was persuaded to keep a $300 individual bankroll in it so I could profit from other member amenities and hopefully they would have the tech I was looking for over the years.

Quickly forward 1+ year and my bankroll is down to $240 after they start charging me for "lack of use" and then punish me for being under the minimal equilibrium. Obviously this is not a customer-oriented politics and means in my opinion thievery. It is important that a bank is a trustworthy business associate and offers a secure place for your funds.

For this favour, allow them to lend your funds to other borrower (members) so that they can make a gain with YOURs. However, this bank believes that this is not good enough, and if you do not spend or add more cash, they will empty your bank to ZERO and then impose a fine for beating you from zero, then you are threatening your credit if you do not repay the fines.

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