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The Orlando Eye to the world's highest roller coaster, covering attractions on the International Drive in Orlando. This is Ripley's Believe It or Not! Rosen Inn Attractions is close to many attractions and entertainment for you and your family to enjoy. Here is a short list of some of the. Seems like every time you drive I-Drive these days, things look different.

Florida Attractions - Orlando Attractions

The International Drive attracts holidaymakers from near and far who are looking for an unforgettable adventure! I-Drive Orlando is the most dynamic destination thanks to the many attractions called International Drive Home. You are in the much-loved Orlando Florida, home of SeaWorld Orlando, where you can discover the secrets of the ocean at first hand!

However, while you are in the area, you should definitely visit SeaWorld's unique Aquatica aquatic area! Enjoy the outdoors in the all-inclusive Discovery Cove daily spa. You' ll enjoy wildlife thrills in the stunning tropic ambience of this area! The Volcano Bay aquatic amusement complex from Universal is an exhilarating new feature recently added to International Drive's attractions listing.

Enjoy the light-hearted posture of the legendary Waturi Islander on their Pacific Island for hundreds of years, while you enjoy excitement and relax in total balance. Just around the bend you will find Universal's Island of Adventure, a long-loved Florida Universal Studios feature. With 5 unique theme island locations that bring all your favourite tales and sagas to live, this fun and exciting adventure brings you the courage to do!

There is no need to stop having a good laugh after you have left the theme park for the whole afternoon, or at least not if you have reserved a room at the Coco Key Watersort. Situated just a few mins from Universal Orlando and SeaWorld Resorts and Aquatica. With 14 waterslides, 3 hot swimming pool and an arcaded area large enough to run for hour, a visit to the Coco Key Watersort will be a holiday for the whole familiy in no more than a short while!

As you stroll along International Drive, look out for the inverted WonderWorks feature, where you'll see over 100 hands-on displays! Be it a 5. 3 seismic event, 100,000 volt power, or creating your own ride, you'll see why they call WonderWorks an entertainment playground for the spirit.

Prepare to see Orlando, Florida, and the world-famous attractions on International Drive like never before. When high altitudes are not your thing, but you always wanted to feel the feeling of freefall, International Drive has a chance for you too! International Drive has a windway that allows everyone to soar.

Featuring coaster attractions, thrilling drives, go-kart courses, 100 alligator court, and 100 exciting archery matches - a days at Fun spot America will not soon be over. Start your days on I-Drive with a high-speed go-cart races at Andretti Indoor Karting & Gaming or I-DRIVE NASCAR Indoor Karts for free.

Discover caverns, cascades and living gators at Congo River Golf Universal or visit Lost Caverns Adventure Golf to experience two new and thrilling 18-hole golf holes and an ultra-modern additional playtime arena! For a place that will really be inspiring your inner Pirates, an afternoons at the Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf, which winds its way across the bridge and under the cascade of falls, is another great choice!

Top Golf Orlando provides a rest from the Florida hot weather with over 100 air-conditioned firing pens, a full-service dining area & lounge and over 200 HDTV's for everyone to spend their free day! The best escape rooms with which you can solve a puzzle are available at International Drive.

America's Emergency Game is a challenge for everyone, especially for small and large groups, everyone in your group must work together to outrun. You have 60 mins. of free play and up to 5 player to flee before your schedule runs out! Joy of flight goes on at The Escape Game Orlando, ranked #1 as the escapes room and the #1 games & games attraction on TripAdvisor Orlando - dive into rooms that are created according to your favourite films and shows!

Walk to ICON Orlando 360 for a meal and conversation that never seems to stop! While exploring this 18-hectare food and recreation area in the centre of Central Florida, take yourselves to take photos with all your favourite celebs in Madame Tussauds Orlando, let yourself be enchanted by the magic marine life in the SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium, where you will experience the beauty of the sea face to face, and marvel at the few footsteps of over 500 true animal kingdoms of Florida, Reptiles, Beasts and more at SKELETONS:

Finish your perfect day here with a trip on the legendary ICON Orlando. While you' re easily raised 400 feet into the sky, you'll feel a sense of peace and tranquility when you take a look at all the activity on International Drive like never before. In 2 or more adventure games each contains a 3-D film with light, soundtrack, winds and an animated film.

The 7D Dark Ride Experience is great..... Will you be willing to look at Orlando and its world-famous attractions from a different angle? Air Force Fun is an unforgettable event for you! America's Escape is a true small and large group adventurous gameplay and the latest entertaining challenge for everyone!

Orlando's newest entertainment/event venue with high-speed karting, attractions, function room, restaurants and more! Game of Espionage und Zombie Roadhouse. Will you be able to flee in 60 mins? Orlando's newest and cutest temptation is the Café & Café and the first of its kind!

Situated in the heart of International Drive, CoCo Key Hotel and Orlando Beachfront, Orlando's ONLY offers 54,000 square feet of indoor and indoor nature. Inexpensive, family-friendly with 14 waterslides, 3 indoor and 3 indoor swimming pool and a 6,500 sq.m..... Orlando's most thrilling adventurous minigolf. Enter our 18-hole challenge course and you' ll be able to claim a prize if you are playing our exploratory series.

The Discovery Cove is an all-inclusive daily hotel where you and your host families will enjoy thrilling wildlife experiences in a stunning tropic atmoshere. The escapologist is a true flight-play. Up to 5 player groups are included in a theme play, and gamers must work together to find concealed items, discover the hints and unravel the riddles to gain your frees!

Featuring the #HappyTogether with rollstops, thrill rides, a 250-foot SkyCoaster, 4 multi-level go-kart lanes and 100 archery-plays. Awarded as "Best Budget Attraction" by..... One of the most exciting and demanding mini-golf adventures in the game. Both new, state-of-the-art 18-hole-courts are different from all other minigolf-courts.

Influenced by the 1950s period, visitors are entering a classical drive-in theatre checkout area in which they can choose between a 18-hole "single feature" or a 36 hole "double feature" with..... Orlando 360 is a kind of play-at-your--place, from the ICON Orlando 360 Orlando views at Orlando? to discussions at the dinner tables with other people. In IFLY Orando's Indoor Sky Diving Windtunnel you can enjoy the feeling of free fall without the need for a skydiver, a glider or a prior Parachutis!

IFLY is similar to parachuting in that..... HeliTours' heliflights are very popular with Florida travellers, family and their visitants, and now they' re making a splash with the world. Founded on the opposite of the Premium Outlet Mall, the company is involved in.....

Bringing world-class cuisine, chefs, lounges, bowling, pool, A/V and sport packs and more to International Drive, King's offers a childless adult marina in the afternoons. Genuine flight space puzzles are brain-teasers who find themselves in a challenging and challenging environment.

At Lockbusters there are currently five thematic getaways at Lockbusters escapes game - each offers its own distinctive, ever..... Explore the exciting go-kart courses of International Drive, the Alpine Jump & Avalance in Orlando's newest attractions, test your skill on our quick slopes and experience mid-way fun and action. Mind Quest Game Orlando is dedicated to providing the coolest and most thought-provoking escapist experience.

We' ve been searching the world to offer you the most interesting, exciting and entertaining matches, based on the mile stones of our customers and our professional gamers. Get away from it all and try the ultimate Indoor Glow-in-the Dark Mini Golf Tour! The SeaWorld Orlando will immerse you in the secrets of the ocean with up-close discoveries of animals, astonishing attractions and memorable shows.

Universal Studios®, the world's largest film and TV-based amusement arcade, gives you direct access to the thrill of your favourite films. Enjoy the thrill of innovation and adventure at Universal's Islands of Adventure®, where the world's most modern attractions, amusement parks and shows are challenging for all your desires.

It is life. This is the motto that is commemorated in the Universal Volcano Bay? Wasser-Themenpark. Miniature themes for all age-groups. The WhirlyDome takes the sport of WhirlyBall - a mixture of lacrosse and baseball on a scooter - to Orlando. There is a hilarious fun every day from 5pm.... It' a live-action-Zombie Experience!

It is a true videogame that is a unique adventure that you don't want.....

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