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It was supposed to be a nice ride! So how much time are you prepared to devote to these detours? There are local attractions or quick visits. The I-85 seems closer, but Google insists I-95 is closer. Those are the top attractions in every state that the I-95 crosses.

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So you' re on the I-95, one of America's oldest motorways, and you want to know what to do and what to see. The I-95 is the major motorway up and down the east coast of America, quite literally running alongside the Atlantic Ocean, so that on an I-95 you are never too far from the water.

Several of the most important towns you will cross are Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Richmond, Savannah, Jacksonville and Miami. Here are some of the top attractions along I-95, from Florida to Maine. Coral Castle was constructed by an excentric man with a broken heart and entirely by heart and is full of secrets and wonders, and it is definitely an indispensable draw right on the I-95.

Or if you want to relax one of these days on the sand without the masses of crowd, then open the Venetian Pool. We return to South Strand, one of the most beautiful East Coast sands. However, South is much more than just play in the sea and chill out in the cabana; it is unsurpassed to watch the world go by, and a stroll through the Art Deco quarter will take you back in awe.

As soon as you are fed up with the town, drive to Coconut Creek to visit Coconut Creek and visit our famous butterflies. It is the biggest amusement arcade in the whole wide range of beetles, birdlife and of course a lot of flower. Naturally attractive from I-95; perfectly!

The Mel Fisher's Treasure is a large marine heritage centre exhibiting archeological gems from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Then, drive to Titusville for a coach ride through NASA's Kennedy Space Center, and if you have a minute, visit the United States Astronaut Hall Of Fame. Ponce Deleon Inlet Lighthouse is the ideal place to leave the I-95 and extend your feet, especially if you choose to take the more than 200 steps up!

There is also a small local history centre. It is only a brief journey from Titusville to St. Augustine, America's oldest town, which was established in 1565. When you feel like a little more rock-limbing, stop at St. Augustine Lighthouse and Musée and climb the 219 stairs up to the 165-foot steeple.

There is a magnificent view of St. Augustine city centre and America's oldest harbour. Are you looking for a St. Augustine Inn, the St. George Inn, the Carriage House Bed and Breakfast and Casa Monica? Then before you leave Sunshine State, drive to Jacksonville Beach to get some extra light and explore the seafront.

It is usually quite simple to find if you arrive early, and there are many places and places to get a drink right on the shore, which is fantastic. Mostly run by a volunteer and stuffed with kittens who otherwise have no home, it is an excitement that children are sure to like.

From I-95 to Cumberland National Seashore. You can only go to Cumberland National Seashore by getting on the St. Mary's Sailboat. Whilst there is nothing to buy on the isle ( "pack accordingly"), here you will find camping sites, footpaths and deer!

In the peach state, go to the smallest church in America (or so it claims), in South Newport. Constructed in 1949, this is a great little stop on the side of the road and a good place to get your feet stretched before going to Savannah, Georgia. The Savannah is one of the most attractive towns in America. For a foretaste of Savannah, just passing through, take a look at Forsyth and Bonaventure Cemetery (one of America's most scenic historical cemeteries).

A few of Savannah town' s finest properties are the Hamilton-Turner Inn, Ballastone Inn and The Gastonian. When you have a chance to see the lighthouse and museum of Tybee lsland, you should definitely make a side of Savannah. The Tybee is a lovely little town and a very favourite holiday spot for Midwestern in the south.

They' re not in Georgia for too long on I-95, so we can easily get to South Carolina! Stop for the first time at the South Carolina State Muzeum in Colombia. Situated in a huge former fabric factory, this astonishing multi-storey building has over 70,000 items on four levels. The building, constructed in 1994, quickly became a favourite touristic destination in the city.

Tap your shoulder, because you have just seen all the important sights along I-95!

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