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On the Oregon Coast we really enjoyed our trip along the Hwy 101. Sights, attractions, restaurants, walks and more along Highway 101. The North Californian redwood attraction has long been a popular attraction for young and old. Hood Canal is located on Highway 101 and is the only way to the back entrance of the Olympic National Park. Twenty-three45 Highway 101 S;


Eighteen must see stopovers along the legendary Pacific Coast Highway in California

For a long time, the Pacific Coastline Highway has been regarded as a "dream trip" and the ultimative one. From a technical point of view, it begins in the state of Washington, but it is best known for the route through California from the breathtaking woods of pinkwood and the fissured, jagged coastline down to the sun-drenched San Diego beach. Situated just over five leagues from Crescent City, Rotwood National and State Parks not only boasts some of the world's highest giant sequoia species, but also wonderful sandy shores such as Enderts Beach.

To the Lost Coastline it is recommended to spend at least one or two days if your schedule allows. You' ll have to take a detour off Hwy 101 and follow State Route 211 23 Leagues to the shore, but it's well-worthwhile to explore California's most unexplored coastline.

Approximately 30 mins. after return to Hwy 101 heading southwards, you will be driving directly through Humboldt Redwoods Statepark where you' ll find the biggest continuous old coastal sequoia woodland in the whole wide area. Only four leagues due west of the Myers Flat Visitors Centre is the infamous Shrine Drive-Thru Tour, where you can take your vehicle through a huge rock.

Return along the stunning shoreline to Fort Bragg, home of Glas Strand. It is made up of several hundred thousand small, flat, coloured glasses. In the course of the next few centuries the stomping ripples have cleared the beaches and destroyed everything but glasses and ceramics, which has led to the nice little bits that today lie over it.

Only 10 leagues from the shore, Mendocino is a particularly attractive seaside city and the only one on the Californian coastline that is considered a historic symbol. It is also renowned for its fine arts gallery, breathtaking landscape and as the fictitious home of the much-loved TV show "Murder, She Wrote" with Angela Lansbury, who also used a Victorian B&B as Jessica Fletcher's home.

Over the next two and a half hour or so, you will walk down the shore and enjoy some of the most breathtaking sea vistas in the world. For fans, visit the 150-year-old Potter School behind St. Theresa Church, about five leagues southwards of the cityscape. If you continue southbound on Hwy 101, you will enter the legendary Golden Gate Bridge into the capital of San Francisco.

Leave the motorway before you cross it onto Alexanderstraße to get the best view. Some of the high points are the ride with the funicular, the visit of the island Alcatraz and the visit of the Golden Gate Park, which accommodates the California Academy of Sciences, the De Young Museum, botanic parks and much more. While driving down Hwy One along the coastline you will enjoy a breathtaking panorama view of the Pacific Ocean, and after 23 mile you will see a shield for the famous Moss Beach Distillery.

When you are looking for the ideal spot for a rest, it won't be much better than Greyhound Rock. About 38 leagues southwards of Moss Strand, you will see a road signs showing the entrance to the shore on the right and a large car park that doesn't seem to have much more to show.

Access to the sea demands a quick but gentle stroll down the rock, which seems to keep most of us away, although it is quite simple to use. Arrived there, even in the high summers, you can have this wonderful sandy spot all to yourself. Santa Cruz has the largest crowd in the summers - and all the excitement with heartbreaking attractions such as the Giant Dipper, one of the oldest wood coaster in the country, which has been in operation since 1924.

When you' re in the shopping spirit, you'll find plenty of deals at the Pacific Garden Malls, an open-air kiosk with a range of excellent bargain counters and consignation outlets - along with some of the best folks in the state looking on. It is less than an hours drive from Santa Cruz.

Monterey is also known for its 20+ holes, such as Pebble Beach and Cypress Point. As you thought, the view couldn't get any better as you continue southwards, twisting around every turn, you'll be surprised by the ever more scenic landscape, the gorgeous depths that surround jagged hills, pinewoods that stretch to the edges of sand shores, and even cascade-like drops that plunge into the seas.

California Central Coast has inspire many performers, poets and authors, and it is simple to understand why. 25 leagues from Monterey, Big Sur is home to one of the most beautiful and beautiful sandy spots in the state. Not to be missed is this violet sandy spot with its violet colour, which is a result of the deposit of manganes in the rock.

Or if you've always dreamt of going to a palace but haven't had the chance to visit Europe, you can take a trip here on the California coastline in San Simeon. Crucial for lovers of fine Lompoc vineyards, Santa Ynez Valley Winery Country is about 100 leagues southward of San Simeon and home to a variety of grape varieties that are grown near the Atlantic in Lompoc to the interior of the Happy Canyon.

Miles' well-known dining scenes, "I don't drink f***ing Merlot", took place at Los Olivos Café and Wine Merchant on Grand Avenue. The Carpenteria Harbor Seal Preserve and Rookery is located in Carpinteria, just to the South of Santa Barbara. Malibu, the renowned seaside city, is home to many prominent people, lovely sandy beaches, excellent restaurants and amusing shops.

The Malibu Lagoon State Beach, formerly known as Surfrider Beach, is a good place to go swimming in the hot season and watch some great newcomers. Only 30 min down the street, the Santa Monica Pier is a 100 year old emblem with a restaurant, shop, arcade, fish tank and many more.

A trip on the legendary Ferris wheels, the so-called Pacific wheels, is a must, especially at noon. Its ultimate goal, San Diego, provides a gentle year round weather with kilometres of wonderful sandy beaches to enjoy all the rays of the sun. To see the best of the best, come to Coronado Beach, often chosen as the best in the whole state.

You can of course explore Balboa Park, the home of the famous San Diego Zoo, museum and a wonderful rosarium.

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