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The HVSF Youth Casting Call Auditions This Friday, 15.5.15. We' re very happy that the youngsters from our neighbourhood are on our stages with us this year! The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival tries to enlist a 8-12 year old youth to perform Mamilius, the young prince in Shakespeare's THE WINTER'S WINTER for the current year.

For auditions, young comedians should be ready to act and transcribe a brief sequence with the stage manager and HVSF Artistic Directors Davis McCallum. To have your kid interview, please send an e-mail to Katie Liberman at Kliberman@hvshakespeare.org for an interview hour and city.

Guidebook to enjoy Shakespeare

Shakespeare has ended that for you, but it doesn't have to be. They' re made to come to life on stage through the talents of energetic performers and cutting-edge filmmakers, and if there is one organisation that does it right, it is the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival (HVSF). Beneath their marquee on the Boscobel site in Garrison, "the public is an important part of the game," says Davis McCallum, Artistic Director of the HVSF.

The actor songs keep the ambience going. Moreover, imagine an enviroment that is completely open to actor-spectator interactions, where each person can feed on the other' s energies and create real emotive bonds with the protagonists without the need for complex copy. This is the HVSF expertise.

The HVSF uses Boscobel's breathtaking views as a lively setting for their appearances. Cast Kurt Rhoads is dressed in dragging to act as a naughty matchmaker in Measurement for Measurement. "McCallum warns, "The players are playing the public and playing with the public, and that brings a little unforeseeability into the game.

"So, if you take a look at this, you have the feeling that anything could possibly go down. "There is one Shakespeare piece for all. Now you realize that not every show can come for everyone; the Macbeth show this past season shows three actresses performing the whole line-up, which could be hard for a teen.

The HVSF plays a show for the children known as So Please You, which is actually an authentic Shakespeare spin-off, full of humour. "And McCallum directing Measurement for Measurement contains a seductive blend of play and humour that makes you laugh at the edges of your seats, accentuated by Lucio's performance as a vibrant stag with a southerly play.

In McCallum's productions of Measurement for Measurement, procurers and streetwalkers have played a major part. "McCallum concludes that Shakespeare gives the public joy.

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