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The Hvfcu locations

HVFCU has offices at the following locations. Affiliate Resources - Locations - Member Discounts - Scholarship Program - Vehicle and Property Sales - Dispute a Charge - eStatements - Who We Are. Vacancies, Career, Employment in Fishkill, NY. Here you can find all photos, tips, lists and friends of the HVFCU. Visit hvfcu.

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HVFCU Subsidiaries

For many years we have been providing HVFCU with general contractor support for the construction of new offices and the renovation of current plants throughout the Hudson Valley. It is our seventh office we have constructed for the HVFCU. This new 5340 seq. office is situated directly on Route 6 on a 2.3 hectare site.

It involved equipping a new shell to supply HVFCU with its first subsidiary in Orange County, NY. A particular co-ordination was necessary between the client, the HVFCU, the suppliers and ACCI. Store 6790 SF was built during the hibernation period and successfully opened in early this year.

Externally, this appealing arm is different and unparalleled from many HVFCU branches. It was 4100 SF for the renovation of an auction house on Mother St. in the city centre of Beacon NY. This area was transformed into a new Credit Union subsidiary.

All of the available room was torn down, complete with ceiling, wall, flooring and all the necessary machinery. It was necessary to work closely with the town of Beacon to provide pedestrians with easy entry around the school. Restricted entry through the back of the property and a 3-month deadline for completing it were definite barriers.

Renovations to convert the premises into a new store involved external enhancements to the side and back of the premises, new full checkout lines, back-office, toilets, meeting rooms, FSR and communal areas.

About a Shared Branch Find now

The MIT Federal Credit Union works with CO-OP Financial Services so you can do banking at any CO-OP shared branch site in the CO-OP Group. CO-Operating Shared Branch allows you to quickly administer your funds when you are not in Cambridge, MA, but still in the United States. Come and see one of the more than 1,700 Vcom self-service desks in 7-Eleven branches at the following locations in Germany:

Most of the CO-OP Financial Service offerings available at a CO-OP Financial Service site can be obtained through the Member Call Center Inlet.

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