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CLIPFORD (@Schalmont_HS) signing their LOI for the next season at @HudsonValleyCC! Women's football announces summer interest rate meeting The Hudson Valley Valley Community College women's football trainer Jay Pokines has heralded the 2018 interest session timetable for all school students looking to look to participate in the Vikings women's football programme this year. We kindly ask you to downlaod the entire package of forms and give yourself a competitive edge over the 2018 campaign. In the event that a trainee competitor has a question about his/her entitlement to participate, he/she should submit copies of each of the institutions that participated in the Admissions Office on his/her behalf and then arrange a meet with the Director of Athletics or the Deputy Director of Athletics to verify his/her entitlement to participate.

The suitability of each and every pupil and competitor will be examined in each case and no general aspects of suitability will be considered before the transcript review.

Women's football moves forward in Region III championship match

No. 5 Hudson Valley Community College Women's Football Club (12-4) won their 8th successive victory after beating No. 4 in the NJCAA Region III semi-finals on Thursday afternoons. After the Viking goalkeeper Kaitlin Nadeau (Latham/Shaker) scored the first goal, the Viking player started the goalless game 26-38 in the first half.

Nadeau and Corning's setback rebounded to take a 1-0 lead. The Vikings put their defence on Corning in the second half and won the match 1:1. Madeison Pinzer (Wynantskill/Troy) shoved the shot to Bethany Pochobradsky (Rotterdam/Mohonasen), who was in the pits.

The Corning goal keeper was just out of range when Pochobradsky took the gunshot and sent it to the lower lefthand area. Later, Pochobradsky found herself back in front of the net when she checked a Volante Penzabene (Valatie/Ichadob Crane) freight passport. Pochobradsky sent a back shots into the lower lefthand part of the net for her second goal of the match and gave the Vikings the 2-1 advantage.

The Vikings saw him play on the net every 90 min, scoring nine parades in victory. Vikings will play against the No. 1 Herkimer College in the NJCAA Region III Division III Championships on Sunday, October 29, with the planned playing season still to be determined by the Tournaments Panel.

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