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Centres of learning Workshops and programmes You' ll find that certain semesters are scheduled to provide general skill training such as the use of calculators, PowerPoint presentation and quotes from research. Classes take place in the Learning Assistance Center (LAC) at the lower levels of the Marvin Library Learning Commons. Educational computer course is a non-eligible, hands-on computer course that allows the student to test the arithmetical and algebraic abilities needed to succeed in maths class.

A Learning Assistance Center education expert will be available to help the student create a curriculum. They then work at their own speed, go through multimedia classes, take exercise exams and keep a track of their own personal development. crime-juice jump start is developed to help the courses in criminological investigation, criminological justice, forensic science and public administration build a basis for the school' s laureates.

Three days of intense workshops offer workshops focusing on studying technique, academical planing, self-help abilities and establishing and supporting partner-relations. University coaches and prosecutors help in the discussion. Midterm Checks is an on-line questionnaire that gives pupils feed-back on their style of studying, on the basis of their answers to 42 questions.

Pupils can also printout the results for later verification or sharing with their counsel. Aim of the questionnaire is to help the student research their style of studying and maximise their chances of achieving academical outcomes. The specialists of the Training Center encourages the student to create a group. Orientation workgroups are available for members and heads of group.

If a group of undergraduates in the same grade are looking for help, a head of a group will be selected from a certain section of the course. The course group heads are employed by the Learning Centers, educated as peer tutors and remunerated for the support of their schoolmates. Workgroups can make reservations for meetings in many areas of the Marvin Library Learning Commons buildings during the day and on Saturdays.

Learners at the Center work with the department to create competence-specific presentation for their classrooms that supports and/or improves courseware. The experts of the Language Centre provide training courses to impart knowledge of either special language abilities, computer literacy or computer literacy according to the needs of the schoolteacher. An implementation schedule is jointly established to guide the student to a design, role or policy before assigning a student projects or activities.

There is a form for checking the presence of the student. The Learning Center experts are available to work with teachers in the room and incorporate the lessons into the courseware. Learning Center Education Specialist works with a trainer to schedule and moderate a training course focused on a particular subject. For an individual or focused demonstration, please call the Learning Centers at (518) 629-7230.

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