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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) What is online education at Hudson Valley Community College? The Hudson Valley uses the Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS) to conduct its online training programs. The LMS is accessed via the web, so you must have it. In addition, you will need a user name and your own personal login name.

How does an online course differ from a conventional course oncushion? Online classes are usually established as sessions assigned by each session until the end of the weeks. A recent poll showed that online classes are as much work as on-campus classes and that it can take extra work.

Prizes or exams and other online entries will be made. The teacher evaluates and returns paper testing or study activity where the text must be entered from a text-processor. Discussing this is an important part of many courses. To use this feature, you need a computer with an ISP that has a certain level of connectivity.

In order to participate in an online course, you will still need computer support. In order to participate in an online course, you will still need computer support. You can tap on your computer to add to posts, e-mails, and online discussion. When you can't do typing, we suggest that you study how to do it before registering for an online course.

Most of the communications in online training programs are in written form. "Use the Hudson Valley Community College WebMail e-mail system to communicate with your teacher and your group. On-line training is NOT self-directed. Are online lessons right for you? On-line learners usually do juggling with full appointments, work full-time or part-time, have kids or have trouble getting to Hudson Valley University.

Learn online is for pupils who are highly motivational, work on their own and feel good on the computer. Ask your adviser if the classes on offer suit your schedule. Will I receive credits for participating in an online course? The online study programs here are fully recognized and conducted by the Hudson Valley Community College School.

There is no distinction between an online course and a face-to-face course. What time am I due for school? The online classes begin on the same date as the on-campus classes. Presence and turnout are assessed by how often you login to the course website and how often you complete the necessary study tasks, exercises, quizzes and test.

If you wish, you can attend the course to finish your course work every working day according to your curriculum. As a rule, online enrolment is not required at any given point in the course. What information can I find about the diplomas and certifications available at Hudson Valley Community College? The Hudson Valley Community College provides various qualifications and certifications that can be taken through our online course offering.

What can I do to get the Hudson Valley Community College online itinerary? Please have a look at the website with the course dates. Click on any text links for "Credit Courses", then click on a word and then on the "Select Term" tool. Please enter your topic in the "Subject" field and either "Online Blackboard", "Campus Presentation/Exam" or "Hybrid" in the "Teaching Method" field.

" Then click on the "Class search" pushbutton to display the available course lists. Enrolment for an online course or an online graduate or certification programme? If you are not a registered user (not registered in a course of study), please complete the application process described in the section Continuing Education and Summer Sessions.

The Hudson Valley Community College is officially open to undergraduates. While most classes can be conducted from home, some classes may require laboratories or other on-site classroom gatherings. Some classes can also have intermediate exams or final on site. The Key to Online Learning Section Numbers table shows you which course segments are completely online, which examination prerequisites are fulfilled or which take place on your own campe.

Thinking about Hudson Valley Community College proprietary processes? Prospective Hudson Valley Community College course in which the teacher or division requests that the intermediate and graduate examinations be conducted. Curriculums that need proofing are marked with a specific section number. As a rule, local residents travel to the student campsite to complete the semester or the finale.

Non-residents who are unable to come to the student residence must take their exams at a different place near their place of residence. Will I need to take the Hudson Valley Community College placement test? When enrolling for online classes with online placement requests (see Do I need to come to college to fulfill the course requirements?), you must fulfill the same vaccination prerequisites as a student enrolling in classes on college that are worth five or more in credit.

What does it costs to participate in an online course? Please refer to the College Catalog's Study Charges and Enrolment Charges section for information on the program. In case you do not take lessons on our campsite, the park charge can be cancelled by completing the appropriate papers. The Hudson Valley Community College will send you an email with information on the waiver of your park permit after you sign up for your courses.

Is it possible to use online course funding? As an online trainee, what kind of assistance can I look forward to? It provides a wide range of online assistance facilities for online undergraduates, such as the Learning Assistance Center (LAC) and the library. On-line learning undergraduates are entitled to the same benefits as on-campus undergraduates.

You can find more information about what kind of service is available on our page entitled Study Life and Study Use. You can order text books from the collegiate bookshop. For information on how to order books for your online classes, click here. Things to do with online learning complaint proceedings? Any complaints made by students during online classes must be treated in the same way as for on-campus classes.

If you are studying online courses provided by Hudson Valley Community college while living in states other than New York, try to solve problems or ailments first. Proceedings of the Board of Appeal, which include the Grade Grievance Procedure, and Grievance and Complaints about biased attitudes and discriminations, are available in the Collegiate Catalog at[Loading Policies and Procedures linkt....].

The registry office can be contacted at (518) 629-4574 or visited online.

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