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User name and password As a Hudson Valley Community College graduate, you are required to use multiple computer platforms. You' ll receive a user name and passwort to get to the following systems: Academic Computer Environment (ACE), MyHudsonValley Portal/Blackboard, E-Mail, FlexIBLE Registration and WIReD. If you need help to identify and/or troubleshoot your user name and passwords, see your students' user name and passwords.

ACE recognises you as a current student of collegiate computer system and gives you full control over all your courseware and the following systems: MyHudsonValley Portal/Blackboard, E-Mail and WIReD. Any computer available to computer learning center, classroom, lab, research center and university student on site can be accessed by signing in with your current login and passcode.

Please sign in with your user name and your passwort. If you need help using your ACE balance, contact someone in the Computer Learning Center directly. Every learner is given at least 1 GB of private diskspace on Drive H: to store it. Wherever you are logging in, you have full control of this area on our site.

Pupils should store the file or make new directories at the root layer (/) of their H: disk or store them in the My Pictures directory. See Accessing off-campus network shares/drives for directions on how to get your data off-campus. You can find Microsoft Office 2016 Pro produkts (Word 2016, Excel 2016, PowerPoint 2016, Acces 2016 and many others) in the category "All applications".

MyHudsonValley Portal/Blackboard is the university's safe web site with Blackboard. It' your on-line resource for blackboard classes, alerts and other important information from your collegiate, university, and custom information. Log in with your user name and your passwort. As soon as you have registered, you have instant acces to your classes.

What else is there besides the classes in the MyHudsonValley Portal/Blackboard? As this is the main way the school delivers notices to the entire community, it is important that you often check the MyHudsonValley portal to see what is being post, even if you are not taking a blackboard course. After logging in, all students' notifications will be displayed on the "Home" page in the Students announcements group.

Notices contain information on credits, grants, important dates in academia and academia, security information for campuses and the general security of the community, and excursions and activities for undergraduates. E-mail is used to transmit and recieve e-mails to and from your teacher or other pupils. Log in with your user name and your passwort. Flexibility in registering allows you to sign up and purchase credit-free classes.

Log in with your user name and your passwort. When you are a new graduate, you can sign up for lessons and set up an educational bankroll. To help you use our free enrollment service, please refer to the Getting Started with Free enrollment guide or go to the Office of Community and Professional Education in Room 252 of the Guenther Enrollment Center.

WE will allow you to retrieve your details, see a timetable, bill, see your transcripts or transcripts, sign up for lessons and check your funding and balance. Log in with your user name and your passwort.

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