Hvcc Certificate of Residence

The Hvcc residence certificate

Why do I need a residence permit? Why do I need a residence permit? Information on residence permit You must have a current residence permit at the Hudson Valley Community College Cashier to apply for your schooling. You are a Hudson Valley Community College alumni in accordance with the GI accounts of the Confederation and in accordance with all relevant admission criteria, and you are not entitled to a residence certificate, you should apply to the Fund to have the non-resident study fee withdrawn from your bankroll.

Hudson Valley Community College may invoice you for part of your fees. You have probably been residing in New York State for at least one year and are entitled to a residence permit. When applying for a residence permit, you must prove your residence permit.

AllYS Inhabitants EXCEPT Rensselaer County Inhabitants: A certificate of residence of the country in which you have your domicile is provided by evidence of your domicile. See the list of New York State County Offices. We recommend that you consult your district authority for information on how to obtain a residence permit.

Inhabitants of the Troy City: Inhabitants of Troy must fill out the request for proof of residence for Troy inhabitants and obey the directions on the application sheet. Other Rensselaer County inhabitants (except Troy): Other Rensselaer County citizens should fill out the Rensselaer County EXCEPT County EXCEPT application for residence and take it with them for registration.

See the list of New York State County Offices. Certifications are only effective if they are made out within 60 working nights before the course starts. 2018 Summers - The certificate must be signed on or after March 22, 2018. Autumn 2018 - The certificate must be signed on or after 28 June 2018.

For how long is my certificate validity? The residence permit is issued for one year. If, for example, you are submitting a residence certificate for the autumn term, you must apply for and file a new residence certificate for the following autumn term. So when do I give it to Hudson Valley Community College?

To whom do I give my certificate? You should submit your residency permit to the Hudson Valley Community College Cashier. The certificate can be handed in in the G√ľnther Enrollment Services Center, room 125, or sent by post: While you can send a copy of the certificate by e-mail or telefax, we must obtain the certificate by the beginning of the course.

Please ask the cashier if you have any queries.

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