Hvcc Academic Calendar

The Hvcc Academic Calendar

Here you can find a complete list of academic courses and certificates. The office site and the registration calendars: https://www.hvcc.edu/registrar/index.html.

This school uses a semester-based academic calendar. You can complete your coursework on the HVCC campus through our programs.

Return & Transfer Student Advising Contact

Student counselling for exchange and return studies usually occurs within the faculty or the counselling centre. Please click on the following link to get in touch with the advice centre or division and make an appointm... School of Business programmes are taught by the Business Advisory Centre.

School of Engineering and Industrial Technologies programmes are taught by the Technology Academic Advisement Center.

Advice on human services and chemical dependency

You will be assisted in your course design, course addition, course discontinuation or academic career development. If you are not sure who to contact about a issue or issue, your study counsellor is also a good starting point and can help you identify and communicate with other student-firm.

Each new student participating in the Human Services A.A.S. and A.S. programmes must make an arrangement for a meeting with an academic consultant at the Liberal Arts Advisory Center to choose their course for the first year. Arrange an on-line meeting. Also, new Human Services A.A.S. and A.S. program participants must participate in the New Student Orientation before or after their academic counseling session.

PLEASE NOTE: Chemical Dependency Counseling course participants are given academic advice and guidance before the start of the term. It is obligatory for the student of these programmes to participate in the programme-based orientations instead of taking part in the New Student Orientation of the university. Consultation takes place during the inspection time. Opening time is at the Human Services and Chemical Dependency Counseling Department, BRN 008, or you can call (518) 629-7341 for up to date counseling time.

If you are a part-time, night or disabled student, please call (518) 629-7341.

Senate of Academia

Academic Senate is the prestigious organ of the Hudson Valley School, administrative, human resources and student population. This is an advisory committee in which the entire university' s academic and academic circles come together to test, draft, discuss and solve questions. Senate accepts and considers ideas, requests and requests of the student council and its committee and forwards the recommendation to the president of the council for realization or, if necessary, for examination by the board of trustees.

70 per cent of the members of the Senate are full-time teachers or heads of departments chosen by their voters. Some electees including adjoint faculties, non-teaching specialists, graded personnel and participants. As well as the University' s President on the Council of the Community Colleges, the Chancellor and the Vice-Presidents for Academic Affairs, Administration, Finance, Institutional Promotion, Admissions Services and Student Development and a Dean are ex officio.

Chairpersons of the Senate permanent commissions become ex officio members of the Senate for their time. Each month, the Senate convenes to accept and implement the advice of its permanent commissions and to launch, debate and deal with all other issues of scientific interest. Staff and undergraduates can take part in the Senate economy via the MyHudsonValley Portal/Blackboard.

Select the Academic Senate Fellowship on the Fellowship page. It is our aim to debate your thoughts, your requests or your issues and to make sure that the Senate mirrors the interests and requests of every individual at the university.

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