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This is Jeffrwhite.com/craigslist if you need free leads for MLM, home business, work from home or real estate. Classified ad Craigslist for mobile home for sale: Craigslist for Photo Link. The Ebay or Craigslist spray foam equipment, among other things, are good options to get value for your used equipment. A Whoa, an extreme deal for a Current Designs Extreme HV.

The Craigslist fraudsters pose as brokers in AGM

Yonker's police commissioner Edmund Hartnett says his division is working to capture a group of fraudsters posing as bogus realtors on Craigslist as quickly as possible. She was already outwitted by the Craigslist cheater named Tito Cordova, Clover McLennon says. McCLennon says that when other future tenants showed up to a house Cordova showed them she immediately gave him a $1,250 bailout.

McLennon even got a bill from Cordova, but when she went back to the premises, she found that it was all a fraud. According to Cordova, the local authorities do not believe that Cordova works alone and are warning of other possible thieves.

The Craigslist Dude - HeartVirtue.com

So I watched this inverting desk, which took up space in the shed, and still someone could use it. When I was doing hard work and my back was bothering me, I used to use it to dangle over. It' working great and was in new shape, so I put it on the Craigslist for $70.

Respectfully young man writes me a text message, asks all the common question and concludes that he comes by to take a look. He asks for my textbook and...... he wants to know his heart virtue.

Prostitution Hanford operation associated with Craigslist

The South Valley PD went online for their last surgery. The Hanford Police say they were typed away to prostitution surgeries after a rape early this month on May 5. While arresting the suspicious thief and her supposed procurer, the detectives said they had found that she and some other sexually explicit ads on Craiglist.

The detectives used a souvenir hotel to respond to the reports this weekend of five criminals. That suspect was two women, a suspicious whore and two John's. Chanford Sheriff Carlos Mestas says these arrest changes the way they do Business and that officials are now specifically listed to the charges in question and web sites of the Detachment Forces.

"There' s a number of pages and we will surf on these pages and all prosecuting authorities will surf on these pages as they have done to find out what is going on in their area up to prostitution," said Mestas.

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