Hunter Mountain Ny Weather

Weather in Hunter Mountain Ny

East Jewett, East Jewett, NY. Report snow Hello skiers and skiers, today was a great morning to mark the end of our 2017-18 series! It was snowy, the weather was sunny and the main deck was a big fire! Once you have your summit pass, you can proceed to Mount Snows (open until 22.4.

) and the Wildcat, which has not yet given a final date.

Have you not yet collected your passport for next year? Use only $99 until April 30 and you can use your passport in our open affiliate resort for the rest of the year! Early passport security also means you can take full benefit of the advantages of summers, such as free Hunter Mountain skyrides, zip line rebates and more.

For more information and to buy your 2018-19 Peak Pass, click here. While we say good-bye to this winter we would like to thank everyone who accompanied us during these 145 day ski and horseback rides! In retrospect, our campaign began with cool weather and snows, allowing us to get started early and open before Thanksgiving.

Quickly forward to March, and we were blissfully with what many described as a march of wonders, as we were endowed with over four-foot snow! This, together with the low temperature, enabled us to prolong our campaign a whole weekend later than before. In between the day activities featured funfairs, new and recurring activities, breakfasts, apr├Ęs receptions, snowtubing and experience that confirmed why we do what we do - because ski, horseback ride and snowtubing are the best ways to get out during the wintry seasons and make life-long memorabilia with your loved ones and mates.

At Hunter Mountain we are lucky enough to have visitors who vote for us year after year. Obviously, we would not have made it without our mining crews, who made sure the weather remained as good as possible, which is a great achievement given some of the citrus trees Mother Nature has given us this year.

Even when the onset of the cold seasons is over, we still have so much to do. At the end of this months festive period starts with the TAP New York Craft Beer & Food Festivals, where more than 125 New York State brewers serve over 400 NYS Beer! Mountain Jam and Taste of Country Music Festivals are coming to the city in June, followed by the Pursuit Series, which we will be holding for the first in late June.

Scenic skyrides, zip line tours, off-road adventure, fly fishing, disc golf and hiking.... not to speak of one of the greatest adventure we have to choose from - with the motto "I Do" on the top of Hunter Mountain! Finally, and perhaps what we are most pleased about this summer: our Hunter North extension!

We will be working with our crew every single working hour this coming autumn, winter and winter to make sure Hunter North is fit for the 2018-19 seasons! To stay informed about the Hunter North projects, visit our online weblog and our online resources.

Yours faithfully - 2018-2019 Peak Passes are now available! Seven mountains, one passport.

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