Hudson West 58th Street

58 Hudson West Street

NY 10019 212 554 6000, 358 West 58th Street New York, full screen. Hudson New York is 0.7 miles from Times Square. Hudson Morgan's original is a 20-minute walk from Times Square. from Hudson Bar "Nice bar, near Central Park.

D-558 West 58Th Street, New York, United States.

Huderson Bar - 12 pictures & 15 reviews - Lounges - 358 West 58th St, Hell's Kitchen, New York, NY - phone number

Beautiful place, near New York's Catchyard. You have good coctails and starters. It is beautiful and stylish. Courtesy guard at the doors CONS: 1. They billed me 16USD+tax per shoot of tea. Their" cocktails" have less than 2oz, you get a small jar full of icecream. The boyfriend (who happens to be a girl) got free beverages and flirtations from the same waitress who gave me a cool shoulder. 2.

A very poorly illuminated, beautiful lounge, tempting furniture/light and ambiance, with less than ideal beverages and coctails. It is certainly a place that I will be recommending to a certain group of acquaintances that I have and that I will totally prevent for others. It' a really beautiful and roomy place. Beverages are very pricey, as other folks have noticed.

But Pricey is still interesting the beverages and reminiscences. It' a really beautiful place and I'd like to bring my mates. It' not too full, so it's simple to find seats and prevent the claustrophobic sensation of East Village and Meatpacking. Disadvantages: The beverages are not so good, so I would suggest to just stay with the beers or order from the list.

It' not so great for dancin' because of the scarcity of musicians and folks (so it's hard to be out of place when you do it). I' ve reserved a 20-person back seat and there's been no sensation at all. There were all kinds of folks - the rowdy-like ones, the "cooler" ones, etc.

Any kind of person from any place. Beverages - the beverages here are enormous. Lovely ambience, but the beverages are very expensive ($30 cocktails). Again and again a firm stop for cocktail with a friend and her mother who were there. I' m here often, and I' m stoppin' one of the many Hudson Hotel choices.

Hudson doesn't let you down. That' my favourite of the three at the Hudson. It' s roomy enough for everyone to seat, but the ambience is still private and romantically cosy because the seating is far apart and you have your own area. Beverages are quite expensive, so be prepared to pay some money.

Beautiful, stylish place to get together and have a few cocktails before you start. Caught in manageable as the beverages while high are a little over priced. This means that the boys can carry what they want, even if they are wearing a pair of sneakers. But a girl must be wearing a heel or an ankle bra.

There are no open toes and no open toes, which is completely insane in summers when most folks do.

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