Hudson Valley Winter Getaways

Hüdson Valley Winter Excursions

At Mohonk Mountain House, high above the Hudson Valley. The Hudson Merchant House, Hudson Valley, New York. Two suites on the third floor offer more privacy and a Jacuzzi tub for a romantic holiday. Enjoy Hudson Valley's breathtaking beauty, great architecture and amazing art. There' s no need to look far beyond New York City to find an abundance of great winter holidays.

Top Five Winter Excursions in Upstate New York: 2017

However, when the winds ease, we are quickly remembered for everything we like in the hinterland in winter: light early mornings strolls on remote streets; cosy evenings in front of a sizzling fire; snow-shoe treks through snowy woods; the scent of fumes coming from almost every smokestack. Be it hibernation or relaxation this year, here are our five best places to spend the night this summer - from a beautiful Crekside in Shandaken to a redesigned Saratoga resort and a cosy, contemporary Bovina hut.

In order to make the most of your break, you will find advice at every place where you can go shopping, eating and exploring in the surrounding area. Merry Winter! In The Roundhouse, a former fabric mill with a view of the calm waterfalls of Fishkill Creek, you can protect yourself from the cool. Situated in the centre of Beacon, the three-storey, mid-century building is an ideal starting point for exploring the surroundings of stores, marketplaces, galleriesÂ? and dining places.

And if the chilly wheather keeps you from going outside, you' ll be able to eat in the Roundhouse by Terrance Brennan, the hotel's spacious restuarant with a Hudson Valley-inspired meal as you watch the waterfalls through room-high window. When Hudson was on your escape this year, we suggest you settle down at Rivertown Guest House, a mid-18th-century renovated Vectorian house just two blocks from Warren Street stores and cafes.

Meet your relatives and acquaintances for a walk at Flatrock House, a 3,200 sq. m. Airbnb at Esopus Creek in Shandaken Weighborhood, just a short ride from Phoenicia and Woodstock. With two large en-suite rooms on the first level, a main room and a smaller room on the second level, a galley and executive lounge and a TV/playroom on the upper level, Flatrock is the perfect place to relax for the overwinterm.

Enjoy Bovina Wunderland with a stop at Brushland's Owl Nest, a sun-drenched two-bedroom Airbnb hut set in the forests of Bramley Mountains. In the possession of our Brushland Eating House family, no excursion to Bovina is without a dinner in their restaurants, just ten min down the mountains.

Explore the Bucholic environment of Saratoga with a trip to Brentwood, a 12-room luxury resort created by Studio Tack of Brooklyn. Situated on the site of the historical Saratoga Race Course, this former motorhome heats our hearts with rider-inspired detail, local made soft tedding and a view of the legendary racecourse from every room.

Just five minutes by car from the centre of Saratoga, Brentwood is the perfect base for a range of skiing enthusiasts, from skiing at Cole's Woods, snowshoe and snowboard hiking at Saratoga Spa State Park, to relaxing from a holiday in one of the city's many spa resorts.

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