Hudson Valley Wine Tours

The Hudson Valley Wine Tours

Find out why limousine service for Hudson Valley wine tours. You can follow these simple steps to plan a successful wine tour in Upstate NY! beautiful wine tours through the Hudson Valley, taste great wines and learn all about the winemaking process. Guided tours of the vineyards and cellars on the hour. Find out more about the New York wineries and the fine Rieslings and other white wines they produce.

New York Winery and Wine Guide free of charge.

The Hudson Valley Wine Tour season is here.

Autumn with its shifting foliage and crunchy climate is also the ideal season for a wine trip in the Hudson Valley. Wine-lovers know that a visit to a vineyard, immersed in the exceptional sites and scents, with the winegrower on the other side of the pub, who will give you a glas of wine that has been made on this estate, will give you the particular taste of the wine.

These terms cannot be reproduced at home if you buy it at your own spirits shop or have it sent by a wine group. That' s why you should try wine at a Hudson Valley vineyard. Hudson Valley is America's oldest wine-growing area. The Hudson Valley Wineries offers welcoming wine tastings where you can sample award-winning vintages from classical Europe, regionally grown hybrid and even tasty fruity-wine.

It' s simple to try more wine than you'd expect in an environment like this - these little flavours can quickly accumulate. Professionally and professionally trained drivers act as your designed driver and take you to the vineyards of your choosing in the Hudson Valley area. When you book a shuttle service or stretched limo, you have enough space for all the wine you' re collecting on the way (believe me, you will!) and you can savour your wine while we accompany you to your next stop.

There are less than 25 Hudson Valley Wine Country vineyards less than an hours and a half from New York City that are most appreciated by our customers. The New York Times wrote Millbrook Vineyards as "the Hudson Valley's flagship". Chosen as the best vineyard in the Hudson Valley in the last 20 years, this is a wonderful place to taste Dutch-style wine in the 940s barns and lofts.

You can take a walk and find out more about our wine-growing, our past and wine production by visiting the vineyards and wine cellar. The Brotherhood Winery - Founded in 1839, this is America's oldest winery. You will be offered a $10 Tours and Tastings Passport, which will include a visit to their subterranean basements, a tastings trip and your own Brotherhood wine glass!

White Cliff Vineyard and Wine - One of the biggest Hudson Valley vines with over 20 grapevines. Whitecliffe is a dog-friendly vineyard (always on a leash). Savour a nice panoramic terrace with a drink of wine. Vineyard Adair - A small Hudson Valley based small business that believes in a humble and organic way of making its own wine.

You would like to go to a vineyard but can't keep your pets at home? We welcome your puppy, as long as he is well brought up and kept on a leash, both indoors and outdoors. The Benmarl Estate - Accompany them to the vintage festival in September and October. Catch a bunch of bunches, have some wine and dancing to a little tune for a small $20 surcharge.

Entrance fee include a wine glas, wine sample, guided tours and livemusic. Aplewood Winery - wine sampling and heavy cage testing in New York's Hudson Valley on a genuine farm winery. A wine degustation for over 12 wine from our own vineyard costs $6 per one. Visit the coffee shop and savour aperitifs and wine in a jar.

The Brimstone Winery was founded in 1969 and celebrates its 30th anniversary in the Hudson Valley. In the wine room you can taste a wide range of wine, from cool, dried white wine to roasted flavours and lush, semi-sweet white one. And to make your days a big hit, here are the top 10 suggestions for your next wine trip after an WSJ report (

Go and get an empty case of wine. Catch one at your regional wine shop or consider purchasing a Styrofoam wine rack from the dispatch warehouse. You' ll begin to buy wine flasks that rattling in your vehicle, unless you've got a crate. Many of the newer wine areas may be scattered, so you have a few trips ahead of you.

What is most enjoyable is talking to the folks behind the bars, who are often the owner or winegrower, especially in smaller vineyards. In order to experience the wine and winemaking passions, it is good to go to the smaller places where you can really enjoy some free moments with the locals behind the wine cellar, and to get an instruction in the winemaking world.

Maybe the estate makes a chardonnay, but it's not as good as its vignoles. When you ask a few basic qestions such as "Does this look like a good year" or "Which meal goes best with this wine", the people behind the bar will appreciate your interest. There' are no foolish issues, so indulge and expand your understanding of the Hudson Valley vineyards.

Keep in mind it's a sampling room, not a pub. When you want to have a large glas of wine, buy a wine and have a picknick. Anyone who has drunk too much ruins the taste for all. You will be surprised how quickly these cylinders accumulate.

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