Hudson Valley Wine Goddess

The Hudson Valley Wine Goddess

The Mercer Estate wines are produced from the Horse Heaven Hills and the Yakima Valley. Raise you & take intimidation out of wine. Take the intimidation out of the wine. Accompany the Hudson Valley Wine Goddess, Debbie Gioquindo, as she explores the wine and takes you to the wine regions of the world. Toast to father & daughter wine-growing teams:

The Hudson Valley Wine Goddess

We' ve all been hearing the term'Super Tuscan', but do we know what it means? At that time, the growers were unhappy with the production regulations for Chianti and the addition of a small proportion of pure whites to the wine. The winegrowers ceased to use the mixture of pure grape and began to use other grape types such as Cabernet Sauvignon.

Soon, these wine, called "table wines", became one of the most sought-after and priciest in Italy. Today, when the name " Superuscan " is exhausted so to speak, many of the vineyards market their wine as Bolgheri. I' got to know Ca' Marcanda through #Winestudio, a wine educational programme I take part in on Tuesday evening.

Ca'Marcanda is part of the Gaja estate in Bolgheri, Italy, the birth place of contemporary Ignacio. In 1994 Angelo Gaja bought his first real estate in Tuscany, Pieve Santa Restituta. Ca' Marcanda has two different kinds of soils that affect the wine. As a result, the wine has a great deal of deepness and complexness and a more distinctive tannin texture.

Aesthetics are very important to the Gaja familiy. While we are exploring the wine, we are exploring the colours of the label and what the train of thought behind it is. The colour of the label is white and blues and stands for dedication, anticipation, fulfilment and ardor. It is a great introduction to the Gaja wine series.

Flavours of dry horticultural plants, salvia and thyme, as well as dry fruits. In the mouth with well incorporated smooth flavours of cherries and berries with a note of liquorice in the aftertaste. The label colour is the favourite colour of the Gaja familiy. Flavours of blackberries and chocolates with strong tannin and flavours of deep fruits and a whiff of blueberries.

It is the wine that is the flag ship and is only made in extraordinary years. Lovely flavours of dark fruits escapes the bottles. When the wine is infused into the jar, hints of tabacco, custard and dark peppers come to the fore. When the wine opens, there is a touch of Mokka. It is full of reds and blacks with solid tannin, blackcurrant, blackcurrant, plums and figs.

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