Hudson Valley Wine Country

The Hudson Valley Winelands

From Midtown Manhattan and the Hudson Valley, our fun and lively public bus to Hudson Valley Wine Country leaves on many weekends. Discover the wine trails of the Carlo DeVito region. Spend the winter wine tasting at Hudson Valley Wine Country. "As Carlo DeVito, owner of the Hudson-Chatham Winery and president of the Hudson Valley Wine Country, puts it, "money has driven improvements. The Hudson Valley Wine Country wants you to know just because it is cold outside the wineries are open during the winter months.

2011 Hudson Valley Wine Tasting Passport Tickets, Mon, January 1, 2018 at 10:00 AM

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Incorrect e-mail addresses are displayed. What: Self led Shawangunk Winesticker. Shawangunk Wine Trail members. With the Hudson Valley Wines Passport, you can get periodic tastings at a great value at any of the 13 Shawangunk Wines Trail member farms!

Once you have arrived at each estate, just present your pass to get a postmark and a sample. Hudson Valley Wines is the ideal option for Shawangunk Wines Trail enthusiasts both locally and regionally. Passports can be bought at all Shawangunk Wines Trail member cellars from January 1, 2018 (while stocks last) in parallel to onlineshopping.

NOTE: You MUST present your pass and a current photographic identification to all the vineyards you visit. Passports must be presented at each estate to get your sample and stamped in your pass. Every individual must have their own pass to get a taste of the wines.

It is never cancelled and all vineyards are open regardless of the weathers. Shawangunk Wine Trail accepts groups of up to 10 people for Shawangunk Wine Trail activities. This passport is not accepted for SWT events: 21-22 April 2018 during the Wines & Bites Weekend and 16 June 2018 for the Bounty of the Hudson Wine & Food Festival.

Passports are also not issued for or at specific wine events. Do you have a question about 2018 Hudson Valley Wine Tasting Passport?

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