Hudson Valley what to do this Weekend

What to do this weekend in Hudson Valley

Kids use Lego bricks to explore the world of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and animation in an open, entertaining and team-oriented environment. You follow the movement in the Hudson Valley. That's one of them. A weekend trip to Long Island:

Five activities in the Hudson Valley this weekend

Bonticou Crag: Bonticou Crag is a six-mile long cliff climb in the Mohonk Preserve. There is unobstructed view of the area, a pleasant week-end walk and one of the best photographic experiences in the Hudson Valley. Saugerty's lighthouse: The lighthouse of Saugerties, a symbol on the Hudson River, is a worthy help for shipping and was built in 1869 at the estuary of Esopus Creek.

This renovated, bricked light house provides accommodation, guided visits and exceptional activities. Hudson Basilica: Situated in a 1880s solar-powered industry plant on the Hudson NY Hudson Beachfront, the Hudson Basilica is a non-profit, multi-disciplinary art centre that houses the Back Gallery Art Series, non-fiction film shows and the Farm & Flea Vacation Pump.

Its task is to promote the establishment, generation and promotion of art and cultural activities while at the same time promoting a lasting alliance. Fisher Center for the Performing : Situated in the busy city of Red Hook, Bard College has a wonderful college on which a wide range of activities best known for the Bard Music Festival take place.

One of the most sought-after destinations for photographers is the Fisher Center by Frank Gehry, the designer of things like the Guggenheim and EMP Museums in Seattle.

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