Hudson Valley Weekend Activities

Hostelling Hudson Valley Weekend Activities

Celebrate with us the local Hudson Valley brewers with a range of local beers, food and music during this exciting weekend. The Hudson Valley Young Farmers Coalition Tour and Potluck on High Falls Farm. Hi welcome Hudson Valley Taco Fest at the picturesque Orange County Farmers Museum in Montgomery, NY. The Hudson Valley apple picking is hot!

The Butterfly Festival

Featuring shop assistants, a plants shop, a royal master of butterflies and an educational desk, story telling, music, eating, handicrafts and of course our fly shelters. Every year, the Stony Foundation organizes four summer activities for all age groups with a focus on the family. Our largest annual celebration, the Schmetterlingsfest, attracted almost 2,000 people last year.

Our Monarch Education Tab where our customers can see and get to know the four steps of the larva. Our largest drawing, our fly shelter, will be full of monarch and dovetail flyers and will feature a second one. Visit our glasshouse and souvenir shops, where you can buy indoor plants, handcrafted blue bird homes and handcrafted handicrafts.

At our booth you can have a snack and a tasty glass of water melon. The revenue from the souvenir store, souvenir stall and plants is used for the maintenance of our cattle.

Faggot and Lesbian Life in Upstate New York

Two hundred of America's finest freelance artisans and craftsmen gather in the heartland of the magnificent Hudson Valley for the fifth Rhinebeck Crafts Festival on JuneĀ 24-25. Featuring handcrafted items, original handicrafts and arts, culinary specialties, Hudson Valley distillery and winery tasting, hands-on crafts shows and thrilling activities for the whole team.

Featuring unique and finite editions of jewellery, clothing and accessoires, furnishings and home accessoires, as well as works in ceramic, glas, metal, wooden and composite materials, paintings, prints, drawings, photographs and delicatessen. These extraordinary independent performers from 25 countries give each piece an unmistakable creativity and a unique and finite series.

Rheinbecker Handwerksfest is a great event for the whole team! Amuse your child with a wide range of children's activities, among them hands-on toy theatre with Middle-earth studios, face paint, hot air balloons, stilts and more! You can also visit hands-on handicraft shows such as forging, jewellery making, ceramics, canoeing, leatherworking and others.

Opening times are Saturday, June 24th from 10am to 6pm and Sunday, June 25th from 10am to 5pm, general entrance is $10, senior citizens $9, kids 6-16 are $4 and kids under 6 years are free. Rhinebeck Crafts Festival takes place at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds at 6550 Spring Brook Avenue (Route 9) in Rhinebeck, New York.

Free car parks are available and the show takes place inside and outside, in all weathers. Turn it into a weekend trip! Finish your day in Rhinebeck's stunning farmyard dining, attend the Bob Dylan show near Kingston, enjoy a scenic B&B, explore historical Hyde Park and the Vanderbilt settlements and enjoy cool mountain breeze and stunning walkway over the Hudson or a walk inland!

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