Hudson Valley Wedding Venues on the Water

The Hudson Valley Wedding Place on the Water

Die ultimative "on the water"-Localisation. Romantic waterfront wedding venues with breathtaking water views in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania for your special day. Dinner on the water. Let your wedding ceremony and reception take place on a private property with lush gardens. Grandview Weddings photo collage.

The Laura Lee PhotographyTop 9 Hudson Valley venues for couples who want to escape the ballroom.

A favourite thing I do at a wedding is that I can always be with lucky souls. And not only that, but it is usually also in some very nice places! My favourite place to photograph adventuresome, funny pairs - especially in the lovely, scenic Hudson Valley. Today I want to divide my top 9 favourite places in Hudson Valley for all those pairs who want to flee the traditional ballgam.

The locations are stunning and form the setting for some of the most amazing wedding photographs. In addition, these venues take you outside the auditorium into the Hudson Valley's magnificent countryside, which is the ideal getaway from the turmoil of the town. Hopefully this article will help you find the ideal place for your next adventures.

When you have a question or fell in loving one of these places, I would like to talk to you! I' ve got to say, Red Maple Vineyard could be one of my favourite places of all times! At the beginning the view from the place of the wedding is breath-taking. There are meandering streams, gentle slopes and wonderful mountain scenery as far as you can see.

There are so many great places to photograph all over the site. The vineyard, the hidden gardens, the swings on the old trees, the top of the hill with a view of the valley and the old stonewalls - each part of this estate is just awaiting you! They are so supportive and there to prepare your wedding the best possible date.

You will find an extraordinary meal with produce from Hudson Valley farmers and sellers. Obviously, I like companies that help other small companies! During the wedding of Kiren and Micah, a wedding I took a photo of there in June 2018, the welcome marquee was built up so nicely with light chains, cathedrals and other great decorations that it offered a great ambience after the wedding celebration.

So I believe they have plans to do build on the recording room after this time of year of the wedding and I am thrilled to see what they are doing to make this belongings even more dreamy. What are they doing? To see Kiren & Micah's full article with all her great pictures of Red Maple Vineyard, click on the links below:

Blue Hill at Stone Barns was once a Rockefeller estate and is one of the most wonderful places I have ever been! Featuring over 100 hectares of arable land and landscaped grounds, this wonderfully tended estate is the ideal setting for those who want to get away from the town. It takes place in the inner court in front of a nice old oak wood.

It' the foundation stone of the real estate. Jaclyn and Colin's portrait of the courtyard and garden proved breathtaking during the gold age. All in all, this location is simply unbelievable! To see Jaclyn and Colin's full article with all their astonishing pictures of Blue Hill at Stone Barns, click on the links below:

Situated in the Catskill Mountains, Onteora is a breathtaking place overlooking the wonderful mountains from the ground to the top. They are able to stay in the apartment on the plot, which is completely breathtaking. I felt like I was in a Costarican cloudforest when I filmed Sarah and Ashton's wedding there this year.

A foggy, wet weather but the view was still amazing. Situated in the pine trees, the wedding table looks over the whole area. Ideal for an private wedding with a max. of 180 persons. Ideal for outdoor and mountaineering enthusiasts, because you can't surpass these prospects!

It will take place in Boiceville, NY, the ideal outcrop! To see Sarah and Ashton's full article with all their great pictures of Onteora Mountain House, click on the links below: This is the ideal place for a couple looking for an informal room for their wedding reception.

It was a great way to bring two human beings to the side of their loved ones with their closeests. I' ve taken some of the most wonderful ceremonial pictures here on this Christmas trees with all four pairs of them! Behind the event location, the squares are the ideal setting for bridal and bridal portrait, or if your garden is more your own personal touch, a stroll through the well-tended garden and water games is just magic.

This old manor house on the plot is also ideal for taking pictures with your bridesmaid or witnesses! Are there so many marvelous properties to this property that it makes a truly extraordinary wedding setting.

Well - Mountain Springs Like isn't exactly in Hudson Valley, but because I really like this place so much, I had to put it on that itinerary. Lake Mountain Springs is the ideal place for lovers of mountain and lake! This large plot offers a wonderful view of the neighbouring hill and is especially breathtaking in autumn, when the leaves have reached their apex.

The many small huts are one of the best sides of this area. They can make your wedding weekends a place of refuge for you and your families, because there is so much to do on the plot (rowing boat, fireplaces, sandvolleyball, etc.). Best of all, the personnel is astonishing and is there to make sure you have the best possible experience!

Every part of this locale makes it the perfect wedding gala week-end for any newlyweds and grooms - especially those looking to evade the signature ball-room or cityscape. Last year I had the chance to photograph Kellie and Jeremiah's wedding here and the pictures are totally breathtaking. To see Kellie and Jeremiah's full article with all their great pictures of Mountain Springs Lake, click on the links below:

As well as my top 5 most popular venues in the Hudson Valley, I have a few other venues in the Hudson Valley I can't get up to shooting in a single night! These are some of the places on my wish lists for prospective couple and a little hint why I like them!

The Mohonk Mountain House is something of a fairy tale in Europe. Situated in the Hudson Valley, this ch√Ęteau is set in over 40,000 hectares of woodland. Photographs of this real estate and unbelievable! Overlooking the valley of the stream and the gentle slopes, this place is the ideal backdrop for any couples dreaming of natural and historic splendour.

There are beautiful backyards, lakeside areas for portrait and walking paths ideal for engagements or wedding receptions! Initially starting as a campsite, it has developed into one of the most popular places in the Hudson Valley (and I dare say on the east coast).

There are two places of ceremonies, one on the hill with a view of the Shawangunk mountain range and one with a view of the pine forest surrounding the city. Another great place to spend a week-end with your Hudson Valley relatives and boyfriends to commemorate your wedding! Your kind of wedding is to reserve the whole week-end there - here your wedding and trial dinners are organized, and your guest live on the plot in the huts, the tree house or the lakeside houses.

You can have your test meal in the backyard, watch my film evening and a campfire in the tree house and then resume your week-end with an incredible party on the premises. It will certainly make the hearts of every couples who love nature, fine dining and great designs beat faster.

I will always have a place in my own hearts for Mountain Creek. I had the chance in school to be one of the Red Tail Lodge wedding party people. Of course I am very well acquainted with the location, because I was in the Designteam!

The unbelievable view from the ceremonial at the top of the hill cannot be overlooked. There is a stunning view of the mountains and I am so thrilled to be photographing a wedding here one time. Located in Bear Mountain State Park - Bear Mountains Inn has been my wedding restaurant for years.

I' ve done several engagements here and have never been let down by the unbelievable view, the stunning sights, the stunning sundowns and the stunning surroundings! There' so many places here that are ideal for taking pictures. There is the most stylish country-style atmosphere in the chalet and the ball room, and for any couples with enough adventure to take a ride and a 3-minute walk to my secluded place, the most stunning mountain vistas are there.

I would be so happy to get in touch with you if you like one of these places and dream of these adventuresome and romantical pictures for your own wedding!

While you can find out more about me here, I am a New Jersey and Hudson Valley Wedding photographe who serves cheerful, adventuresome and funny couple in lovemaking - and I'd like to get to know you and listen to your lovestory film! We' re currently questioning pairs for the 2019 wedding period, but there are only a few places for them!

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