Hudson Valley Wedding Planner

The Hudson Valley Wedding Planner

Locate local wedding planners and coordinators in Hudson Valley, New York. before they ruled it out. Huderson Valley wedding planners describe the different types of wedding planning services most couples need and help you discover which one is best for you. Find out why event planners and wedding planners service in Westchester, NY, Connecticut, Hudson Valley and beyond. VIEW OUR REVIEWS ON WEDDING WIRE & CHECK US OUT IN SOME OF THE PUBLICATIONS & BLOGS BELOW.

Say Newkirk, wedding planner

She' s always more than willing to talk to pairs to help them with their wedding plans. Legend has the know-how and expertise necessary to make your events a success. Understanding the importance of pre-wedding scheduling and organisation. It provides a stress-free meeting, which makes it possible for you to be on your own wedding to be guests and to let each vision become true.

Legend currently lives in Kingston, NY with her man Joe and their four kids Austin, Nate, Garrett and Mackenzie. Say's Real Weddings: My dear Saga, Bob and I can't thank you enough for having helped us to organise our daughter's "simple rural wedding". I can' t think how this wedding would have gone without you and your organisational abilities.

Love the month-to-month e-mail fixes that keep everyone on their toes and how to plan things. And I also appreciate how you quietly and effectively put together a wedding timetable. Many a guest and the NYC photo artist remarked on how well the whole wedding went.

You organised the wedding dress recital in the chapel. Thank you for your help in making Dave and Eliza's wedding such a magic one. and without you, the days wouldn't have been what they were. Say, our planner was astonishing and so great and simple to use.

It was not only that our wedding anniversary went 100x more smoothly there, but you were totally thrilled throughout the entire plan. Many thanks for your impeccable work and great assistance before and after our wedding. Sage, our planner, was great and she did a great work for a very sensible prize!

Employed as a wedding planner, Saga was awesome and delivered so much that she was paying for herself. Legend and her intern were on the first of. A few nights earlier we had a tour of the grounds and then they saw me at my room at 12:00 on the wedding night and returned to my room at 12:00 with all the objects remaining from the front desk, complete with large crates of useless liquor.

Thank you so much for making our wedding so beautiful and from where we were without problems My mother has recuperated quicker than we thought and Manu and I keep the best recollections of this date and the scheduling at ? Your quietest, most cool and most collective planner we could hope for!

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