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Hawaii Hudson Valley Wedding dj

I had the pleasure of working with Gio a few times, as a wedding photographer I experience many different DJs and Gio is by far my favorite! Looking for a Hudson Valley Wedding DJ who lets the music speak and is not the center of attention? Hudson Valley DJ Domenic specializes in elegant, unique weddings that reflect your personal taste with an eclectic musical style. A Hudson Valley DJ with a musician's ear for the choice of extraordinary music that suits you! Locate the perfect local wedding DJ for your reception in Hudson Valley, New York.

The Hudson Valley Wedding DJ

Looking for a funny Hudson Valley Wedding DJ who lets the tunes speak and is not the focus? Would you like to talk to the same individual from your first meeting, who can share all your information about your particular date, work untiringly with all your salespeople to give you an exceptional evening of entertainmen? and still get spin-vinyl?

Please have a look at my price calculation, hear about some of my blends, take a look up a few of my essays and fill out my information-requestform.

Domenic - Hudson Valley Wedding DJ

The Hudson Valley, NY area has been providing the ideal wedding ambience with personalised DJ service since 1997. Specialized in stylish, singular wedding tunes and entertainments. I' d like to make an unforgetable wedding anniversary that reflects your own taste. Give us a call or send an e-mail to check our stock levels and to find out more about our products, or to see if we are a good match.

There' are many things about a wedding reception. Are you looking for a wedding that is stylish and funny, with a DJ who is captivating but not irritating and pushy, you've come to the right place - because that's exactly my music! Often your wedding anniversary is something you have dreamed of since your early years.

Therefore, my obligation to you is to make your wedding anniversary exactly as you have dreamt it would be. I' ll perform the kind of tunes you want to listen to - if you don't know exactly what it is yet, we'll find out together. We will tell your stories together and catch your personalities as a pair, which makes your party truly special!

It is my way of providing a pleasant and relaxed mood for parties that will keep your customers dance allight. To play the right kind of soundtrack at the right moment and to make your event your own festival is my speciality! I' ll be the one at your wedding, not someone else.

I' m here to organize and execute all the detail of your wedding anniversary without being the centre of it all. Conversation is a critical part of the wedding party's overall business and often the only thing your customers will ever want to recall. You' ll know for sure that I will make your wedding anniversary complete!

Are you prepared to make your ideal holiday? So, what do you wears to a wedding? Who' s gonna be the DJ at my wedding? I' ll be the DJ at your wedding; I don't have any other DJ's working for me. Could we see you at a wedding? My marriages are all personal, so I don't call any couple to see me.

If I' m gonna make a wedding, I'm totally devoted to this couple's celebtion. Is it possible to arrange a meeting with you before making the reservation? It' the ideal way to get to know each other and talk about my own styles and your own thoughts. Who' chooses the kind of tunes to be performed at our wedding? I have a collection of 1940s to the most famous contemporary tunes in my collection.

I got a stylish and funny light in the Hudson Valley. Hudson Valley and a Marist College alumnus from Poughkeepsie, NY, I have a strong personal and professional bond and understanding of the area. I studied communication sciences and was involved in making sounds and playing a musician.

As a result of these diverse experience, I was confronted with all kinds of activities and musical styles. It was a chance to learn about my musical background and its relationship to man. I was DJing my first Hudson Valley Wedding in August 1994 - and I haven't quit since!

What I like is that every wedding is a new occasion to show and communicate the affection of the wedding couple and bridegroom with their family. As well as customizing the ambience of the venue with custom play lists at literally every Hudson Valley wedding over the years, at locations such as The Grand View, Dutchess Manor, The Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel, The Rhinecliff Hotel, Red Maple Vineyard, Christos, The Links at Union Vale, The Villa Borghese, The Garrison, The Highlands Country Club, The Thayer Hotel, Locust Grove, Belvedere Mansion and many others.

Throughout the years I have extended my range not only as a Hudson Valley DJ but also as a Westchester DJ. Yearly recurring business customers like Estée Lauder, IBM, Central Hudson and Vassar College have added new dimension to my work. As well as working on my clients' marriages, I have inside information about what exactly a Hudson Valley wedding can and should be.

In 2006 I was planning my own wedding with my own woman and was in love with every aspect of our party. And I can make suggestions about the special features of Hudson Valley because you're not 100% sure what you want or who to work with. Good DJs have to look after even the smallest detail.

I' ll work with you before your wedding or your events to get to know exactly what you are looking for. Knowing and building a relationship is the keys to trusting that your meeting will be a great one.

No" cutters " marriages. Instead, I help you create exactly what you want. Mail me or call me (845.473. 0041) for a free consultation! very important novelties your ideal one? Enter information about your wedding anniversary.

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