Hudson Valley Vacation Spots

The Hudson Valley Resorts

Driving is the best and most economical option if you want to visit several areas of Hudson Valley. Hudson Valley's unique resorts. You can visit one of the world's largest museums of contemporary art or try a local vintage at a winery in the Hudson Valley. The Corning Preserve is located directly on the banks of the Hudson River in the city centre. Attend one of the many festivals and events throughout the Hudson Valley this winter.

Visiting Orange County, NY - Orange County Tourism

YOU ARE WELCOME TO ORANGE COUNTY NEW YORK, IN THE WONDERFUL HUDSON VALLEY! Several of New York State's major New York venues are located in Orange County, such as West Point, Saint Martin's King Art Center and Woodbury Common Premium Outlets. Only 50m from New York City, where you can eat on the Hudson River, tour wine cellars, ride the Delaware River, walk the Appalachian Trail and enjoy the views of our magnificent mountain scenery at all times.

There' are infinite ways to see everything Orange County has to show for yourself. Historical Sites Drawing Buff's Histoire to Orange County, N.Y. Unfold America's Tale at Hudson Valley Historical Sights. Orangé County, N.Y. (July 3, 2018) - Summer is the..... The Hudson River sight -seeing cruise on the sea! Departure from the Newburgh Waterfront to visit the Hudson River.....

Enjoy water sports this season in Orange County, N.Y. Orange County, N.Y.'s waterways, ponds and brooks provide infinite opportunities to keep chilly this year. AMBER COUNTY: ORANGE COUNTY, N.Y.......

Twelve best places to go in Upstate NY in summertime.

The Upstate New York has a wealth of great places to go in summers. As a joke, I also gave the reasons why you should be there. For me there is nothing better than to get out of a show at 10am in the Blue Cross Arena in Rochester city centre and then walk across the viaduct into the shopping area.

Taverns are lively, eateries (including the famous Dinosaur Bar-B-Que right on the bridge) are lively and the hot breezes from Lake Genesee are invigorating and welcome. Each Tuesday night the gifted Eastman School of Music undergraduates give free concert in the historical Christ Church in Rochester city centre.

This splendid little village is situated opposite the famous musical academy in the centre of the town, with many local eateries, cafés and wineries. Located in the centre of the town, the shopping quarter looks like a film-scenery. The Gaffer Quarter ends with all sorts of stores, the Palace Cinema with its artdeco flashing light tent and a number of eateries, some of which have won the acclaim of local gastronomy critics.

And you never know when you're going to see a road fair, a farmers' fair or a free open-air show. Obviously, the main attraction here is the world-famous Corning Musuem of Glass, but I can suggest you go to the "other" Musuem in the city.

Rockwell has one of the best gallery of Western arts in New York. It is a nice place and its designs have been hailed as "highly innovative". "The Rockwell Musuem was incorporated into the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. in 2015. This is the first Upstate in the world to be so certificated.

It is very lively in summers and guests enjoy the atmosphere on the lake shore (Keuka Lake), the many souvenir and shopping facilities, some very beautiful diners and a multitude of wineries presenting the many different types of agriturism. Glenn H. Curtiss Museum honours the nee-ween-named Hammond Curtiss.

He was a coeval of the Wright Brothers, a pioneering and iconic aeronautical innovator and holder of the No. 1 U.S. pilot's licence. It is a state-of-the-art airplane and motorcycle display of the thrilling lives of the village's most celebrated local sire. Lucy Desi is one of the best Lucy Memorial Art Houses in the U.S. It's packed with Lucy Memorials, from her clothing and archive videos of her "Iove Lucy " TV show to her vehicle!

There is no visitor here without a tour to Lucy's last rest place at Lake View Jamestown County. Their tomb is frequented by literally every year by literally thousand people. Acknowledging the high level of interest of those who want to make a respectable visitor here, the graveyard has paved the way to Lucy's tomb with small rose coloured beads.

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