Hudson Valley Vacation Packages

Huderson Valley Holiday Packages

An inexpensive holiday package from our White Plains, NY Hotel in Westchester County, just minutes from historic Hudson Valley to maximize your travel budget. Compose your own package with any number of nights and rounds or select below. Seasonal excursions, family packages and more are available. City" and save money with our Deals & Getaways discount packages. If you live in this holiday home in Hopewell Junction, you are near Clarence Fahnestock State Park.

Best Hudson River Valley Holiday Packages 2018

Would you like to make a reservation for a holiday in the Hudson River Valley? Travellers like you have given 72,868 ratings and published 1 picture for Hudson River Valley Hotel. Booking your Hudson River Valley holiday today! Better booking. We have over 500 million travellers' ratings and can help you make the right choices when looking for accommodation, dining and sights.

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Family Vacation Packages | Popular Catskills Resorts & Accommodations

Catskills are all-inclusive holiday package dinners, accommodation and entertainments for year-round adventures and a sense of belonging to the whole hosts. A part of the Catskills' hinterland culture, Greene County's familiy resort dates back to a period when the never-ending summers were used to watch pyrotechnics or hunt glowworms through Marco Polo swimming pools, sunscreen treatments and afternoons.

Experience the charm of summers in one of Greene County's fun-filled, family-style hotels with food and drink and activities for the whole group. Staying in a golfresort and playing a few laps while the children are enjoying crafting or walking, or booking a snow-covered forest and skiing in New York's'First Vacationland'.

Plan your holiday in the Catskills! Explore Greene County's most sustainable traditions, a legacy that spans hundreds of years, a holiday to remember, to delight and unwind the whole of your entire home. Greene County has a wide range of food and wine experiences to suit all tastes, from the generous Hudson Valley farmhouses to the Windham Cantina.

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