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The Hudson Valley va

Hudson Valley Health Care System, Montrose, New York. Hudson Valley Health Care System, Montrose Campus. Hudson Valley Health Care System, NY. Learn more about VA Hudson Valley Health Care System Castle Point Campus in Wappingers Falls, NY. DAISY Award for New York VA Nurse.


Press the Return key to extend a major item in the menus (Health, Services, etc.). Special programmes are Community Care, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Short-term Care Programme, Sexual Trauma Counselling, Supportive Living, Career Testing and Counselling, Women's Health, Optometry, Podology, Social Work, Rehabilitation Medicine and Spinal Cord Injuries. Franklin Delano Roosevelt Campus is situated on the shores of the Hudson River in Westchester County.

Both in-patient and out-patient care is provided by dentists, optometrists, podiatrists, gynaecological hospitals and more.

Hudson Valley Health Care System receives top marks in'secret' survey

Montrose VA Hudson Valley Health Protection System has been given the highest possible score by a top-notch, top-notch US veteran national level QoC card that could not be improved after high-profile scare. -For several years, the Department of Veterans Affairs has classified its chapters on a scale from one to five-star, one asterisk the poorest and five best, according to in-house documentation obtained by USA TODAY.

Recently published assessments are multifactorial, include mortality and infections, and the Montrose-based VA Clinic is the only five-star facility in New York. "We' re always striving to make nursing better; it's part of our corporate philosophy and we retain our five-star credit by continuously concentrating on continuous improvement," she said.

A number of enhancements to Hudson Valley VA equipment including a new dentist hospital and emergency renovation of the Castle Point Camp. Montrose campuses' bathroom systems have been modernized to comply with American Disability Law requirements and the facility has gone through a series of refurbishments, from new boiler installations to improved healthcare.

An increasing veteran healthcare crises drew attention nationally after the USA TODAY Network and other news outlets faked the waits of some veteran officers and tens of vets perished while they waited for them. New York City' s Bath, Canandaigua, Manhattan and Albany centres were awarded four and the centres in Syracuse and Buffalo, the Bronx and Brooklyn and the town of Northport on Long Island three Stars.

Neither of the New York centres had scores below three. Some of the worst health centres are in Texas and Tennessee, with centres in Dallas, El Paso, Memphis, Murfreesboro and Nashville, all rated one in five according to the paper. Albuquerque, Detroit, Los Angeles, Phoenix and White City, Ore Health Centres.

Much of the highest performing properties are located in the Northeast, with Montrose in New York and Boston, Beford and Leeds in Massachusetts and the Midwest, which includes Fort Meade and Hot Springs in South Dakota and St. Cloud and Minneapolis in Minnesota. These centres received five out of five star ratings.

However, VA institutions in New York have not been entirely unscathed by the outbreaks. UPSTAT STATES plants had longer waits, up to a month or more in many cases, and VA researchers identified a number of schedule issues at several sites, among them Montrose, but declined to disclose more details. Seven Montrose system facilities and two of them - the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Campus in North Westchester County and the Castle Point Campus in Dutchess County - were among the 51 VA institutions where USA Today announced early this year that the VA Chief of Staff's offices found planning difficulties during a first spacecraft, which had marked 111 locations for follow-up, published in June 2010.

However, the Investigator General's Bureau has never published its results for 73 institutions in which the investigation was concluded. So it is not possible to say which health centres had a problem, how serious these were, or whether they caused the death of a veteran. The recently published five-star ratings for the Montrose health centre underline the high standard of health services.

"We' ve always kept our waiting periods in the hospital and are considering recruiting new suppliers or part-time advisors if we have difficulties recruiting certain specialists," said Giordano. "Giordano noted that other current system development is underway, including the Castle Point stationary college in Dutchess County and outpatient departments in Port Jervis, Goshen, Pine Plains, Monticello, Poughkeepsie, Carmel and New City.

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