Hudson Valley Trips

Trips to Hudson Valley

Arrival by car -- Most visitors take private car tours through the Hudson Valley. Get your tickets online for Hudson Valley, New York: Hudson Valley Brewery Tour & Walkway over the. NYC to Hudson Valley - New York Forum I tried to find out if there was a picturesque rail journey starting from Grand Central Station and going through the Hudson River Valley. I also wonder if there are any trips from NYC to Boston. No picturesque railways running out of the GC Metro North Hudson line is a very nice journey.

Like the snowman said, you can take the Hudson line from GCT. The trail follows the Hudson Brook as far as Poughkeepsie (on the lefthand side you can see the stream to the north). It is a delightful landscape. Cold-jump, beacon are beautiful places to go. Wondering if there are places in Boston that are well deserving of a trip?

I had hoped to stay one night in NYC and then take the Hudson by rail. A picturesque itinerary. I' m checking out the Hudson line on GCT. Regarding Boston, I also thought about staying a few nights in NYC and then taking a rail to Boston to stay a few more.

I wondered if the trip on the rail was picturesque enough to pass the test of travelling to Boston. Thanks for your response, if you dont have to do spectacular centric, the adsirondack line on amtrak will travel out of fenn ward (goes to montreal) along the flow. it's a staged trip for event leaves and operates a cupola vehicle on certain dates. I think leaves is across far northern.

a few a few months ago I thought about taking the journey to Albany and back, but it was pouring rain, so I stopped the journey. ethane all line follows and walks on the same line, at least to Albertie. - Trains to Boghon doesn't bring back any staged reminiscences for me.

Up the Hudson by rail (either Metro North from Grand Central or Amtrak from Penn Station) you have a great view when you are sitting on the lefthand side and going up (and coming back on the right.) There are many more and cheaper lines on Metro North, and no reservation is required.

Boston on Amtrak is a beautiful drive along Long Island Sound. North Metro up the Hudson (from Grand Central). Beautiful countryside and a number of places to visit before returning home. In Boston, you' re going to stay at least a few days. It is a long journey with a beautiful coast landscape along the way.

Also the dull parts of the trip are a bit attractive, with many rocks and bush. As much as I like Boston (I have been living there for many years), NYC is BIG and there is so much to do. NYC-Boston rail journey is beautiful enough and about as long as the trip.

Your key benefit of the ride is that it's relaxed and you don't have to be worried about Boston park. Boston's center is quite small and interesting places are within easy reach on foot or by foot. They can be costly, however, if they are not purchased in advanced.

When you go to Boston, I suggest you take the Merritt Parkway to New Haven instead of 95. This distance of 95 is not beautiful and the road is usually poor. The Merritt Parkway will not be long and has a beautiful view through Fairfield Country. A different question: If I left the Grands Center in the Nord subway for a picturesque trip on the Hudson line, would I arrive in then?

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