Hudson Valley Travel Guide

The Hudson Valley travel guide

With temperatures dropping and city life taking a dip before holidays, it may be time to pack your bags for a weekend in Hudson, New York. Seven-year guide to survival on holiday. Explore the wonders of nature and architecture along New York's Hudson River Valley in this richly illustrated travel and field guide. The Beacon and Cold Spring have become hotspot destinations in Hudson Valley. Here you will find product information, ratings and reviews of Hudson Valley Reflections:


If New Yorkers want to get away from the Big Apple's hurly-burly, they go to Hudson Valley. Taste vintage apples, antiques shoppings, farmer-to-table dining and picturesque walks for a start. This valley is home to a wealth of social and cultural events that make social travellers fall in loving each other.

Leave your luggage at Mohonk Mountain Home, one of the most prestigious hideaways in the Hudson Valley. To stay at home, you can enjoy a top-quality dinner in the resort's own on-site cuisine. The seasonal meals are produced from domestic, biological produce as a specialty. When you decide to go on a trip, get ready for a culinary adventure at A Tavola Trattoria, a brief ride from your motel.

Traditional dishes such as fried cauliflowers, Hudson Valley goose breasts and tasty homemade pasta are used in this traditional food. And if you don't want to spoil yourself in one of A Tavola's speciality beverages, visit the Bacchus Restaurants & Brewery to enjoy one of their beer produced there.

Begin your days in Poughkeepsie with a Crafted Kup Championfast. A cosy café offering a choice of local roast bio cafes and tea to provide you with energy all the time. Combine a cup of newly blanched espresso or one of the typical batters of the store with a local produced baguette or biscuit.

Be on Walkway Over The Hudson for the remainder of the day, a must for every guest to the valley. Overlooking the Hudson River, with lush woods on both sides, is stunning. Well, now that you've got an appetizer, have a meal at Terrapin, a new US café and restuarant in Rhinebeck.

As often as possible the Ristorante uses traditional and biological products so that you can enjoy every order. The top pickings are Farmer's Market Crepes, packaged with Hudson Valley vegetables, and the Hudson Valley Cattle Company's Hudson Valley Cattle Company premium quality vealburgers. It is a place that provides up-to-date, imaginative interpretations of convenience foods cooked with the freshest and freshest regional cuisine.

There is no better place to end the night than Brunette, one of the cutest taverns in the valley. This" natural" tavern is the ideal place to get to know the indigenous world. As savoury food is the only way to complete a week-end retreat, you should go to the Eveready Diner in Hyde Park to interrupt your fasting.

Eveready is a "Think Local" institution to its origins. All bread and baked goods are not only home-made, but also the fruits for the pies are picked from domestic fruit-gardens. Speaking of new! Take a walk up Breakneck Ridge, one of the most beautiful summits along the riverbank.

Whichever route you take, you'll land at the top of one of the most beautiful vantage points in the Hudson Valley. The local people are agreed that the best season for an ascent in autumn is when the valley's forests turn to beautiful tones of colour: oranges, reds and yellows.

Coming from JFK or New York City, it is best to take one of the Amtrak or Metro-Nord coaches. Both stop at different places in the valley, and cabs are available at every place. She is a free-lance author from the picturesque Hudson Valley, NY.

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