Hudson Valley Tours from new York City

New York City Hudson Valley Tours

Headquarters: New York City. Hudson River Valley, just an hour north of New York City, is the southernmost wine region in the hinterland. Exit City, New York City NY; Flush NY; Edison NJ;

Brooklyn NY. Travel to the U.S. Hudson Valley and surrounding areas. Find out why welcome to AM Tour NYC/Hudson Valley.

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Centre of the village NY Food Tour

Explore the heart and soul of Greenwich Village and find out why it is one of the most sought after areas for tasty dining, historical, cultural and evening-lifes. Try handmade pastas with the classical Bolognaesesauce of Chef Pietro in his own familiy-Tratoria ("Trattoria" since 1918). In 1907, you' ll be able to enjoy a 1907 café run by the local families, a bar that has been chosen as one of the best in America, try a selection of Brazil chocolate, pizzas from a favourite Greenwich Village place and much more!

Explore Washington Square Park, where artists keep the unusual Greenwich Village tradition lively. There is no overlapping with our original Greenwich Village Food Tours.

Upstate New York Winery Tours

According to New York Wines, every year millions of US Dollar and about 180 million 180 million bottle of wines are produced from bunches of bunches of grapes, fruit juices and toast. When you travel to the Empire State vineyards, begin your journey by refining your winery research and breaking it down by area.

Four of the five New York winegrowing areas are in the hinterland, each with its own specialities. Hudson River Valley, just an hours drive from New York City, is the most southerly of the inland winegrowing area. Between the Shawangunk Mountains in the western part and the Hudson River in the eastern part, there are 49 vineyards producing about 585 bunches during the 180-198 day-growth.

The vineyards specialise in fruity, wineyval, chardonnay and reds. If you are considering a journey, visit one or more of the Hudson Valley vineyards, including the Dutchess Winery Trail, the Shawangunk Winery Trail, the Hudson Berkshire Beverage Trail and the Upper Hudson Winery Trail. In between hikes to cascades and swim in scenic canyons, you should visit the 119 vineyards that make the Finger Lakes winegrowing area home.

The majority of these vineyards concentrate on the Keuka, Seneca, Cayuga and Canandaigua as well as on some smaller seas such as Conesus and Skateateles. And if you are a connoisseur of cabineternet franc, icewine, sparkling wines or pine noirs, you should come and see this area. As well as the sporadic dining and winemaking activities or festivities, such as the annual Finger Lake Wines Festival in mid-July, the Finger Lake offers three vineyard paths to explore the flavours of the area, among them Lake Cayuga, Lake Keuka and Lake Seneca.

Niagara Escarpment and the Niagara area are enjoying one of the hottest climatic zones in the state, mainly thanks to the hot, enclosed streams of fresh sea breezes coming from Lake Ontario. During your stay in the area, you should definitely visit the Niagara Wine Trail near Buffalo and Niagara Falls.

It specialises in fine flavours such as Eiswein, Kabernet, Pinot Noire,yrah, fruity white grapes and met. Niagara Escarpment has developed into a thriving, fast-growing winegrowing area since 2005, when it was first recognised as an officially American wine-growing area. Lake Erie is a 50 mile stretch from Chautauqua County in New York to Erie County in Pennsylvania.

According to New York Wine, the 17 vineyards in this part of the state of New York produced about 120,760 tonnes of wine during the 200-day vegetation period. Some of the best tasting varieties you will find are French-American and Indian varieties such as scrub, reiesling, and soya. Born of a frenzy of travelling to Europe at the tender ages of 15, Anderson encouraged her passion for styles and fashions while she lived in New York City and graduated from New York University.

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