Hudson Valley Tourism

Tourism Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley Bucket List is a boutique tour operator that offers the perfect opportunity to explore the region. Use the Hudson Valley's old put bike. Hudson Valley, New York, is a burgeoning culinary hotspot. New York State Tourism's official website - Hudson Valley Tourism Logo. Notice that the selection of each county connects you with the Majestic, Historic, Scenic Hudson River Valley!

Scheduled Activities - Hudson Valley Tourism

Commemorate Independence with a wide range of events such as sales, gaming, live performance and firework display. It is a great event for young and old, with handicrafts, reenactors, concerts and fun. At night, you' ll be enjoying a meal and a little bit of good wine until you can take a look at the Saugerties firework over the Hudson River.

Road show with many different organisations, artist, artists and salesmen. In Columbia County, where else can you see the work of 30 internationally renowned artist in one place? Walk through the workshop barn and see what the artist has been working on over the last 4 week, along with other activities and installation.

Hudson Valley Tourism Business is growing

Hüdson Valley, N.Y. - Hudson Valley Tourism, Inc. reported a continuing tourism growth that makes the area one of the hot spots in New York State..... A recent New York State Department of Economic Development survey found that in early 2013 more than 81,000 workers were working in the Hudson Valley area, and tourist expenditures last year were over $4.75 billion.

The Hudson Valley Tourism, Inc. is the 10-district area named by I lov new york to support tourism in the area. You can obtain information about the area from any tourist office or by phone on 845-615-3860.

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Tourism Hudson River Valley

Hudson River Valley offers an unrivalled diversity of outdoor, historic and modern amenities to please all. Situated in southeast Orange County in Highland Falls, N.Y., just one mile from West Point Military Academy, Overlook is a 10-minute ride to Bear Mountain Bridge and neighboring Westchester, Putnam and Rockland Counties.

Ecotourism is a major tourist destination with many kilometres of open roads, state park, untouched forests and countless road -side activities. Bear Mountain State Park, Harriman State Park and Seven Lakes Drive are just a few short steps away. Only a few places can pride themselves on a historic heritage like the Hudson River Valley. To the south of Overlook on the Hudson River you can see Sleepy Hollow and the Rockefeller Estate.

The Boscobel House and Gardens, a testimony to New York interior design, is located directly opposite Overlook. To the north of Overlook is the Walkway Across the Hudson, a reconstructed railway pedestrian overpass. Finish your Hyde Park with a great evening meal at the Culinary Institute of America.

A 15-minute walk from us in Cornwall is the 500 hectare open-air statue garden known as the Saint King Arts Center. There is a wide selection of shops in the area, from Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets to antique and fine arts to farmers' market with the freshest products from the Hudson River Valley.

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