Hudson Valley Tour Guide

The Hudson Valley travel guide

This NYC licensed guide will begin the tour with a brief history of the immediate vicinity. Arrival by car -- Most visitors take private car tours through the Hudson Valley. The Hudson Valley's ultimate autumn travel guide. It is the second time that our scout group has done a kayak tour with Shawn. A local guide accompanies us on a tour through Hyde Park this morning.

The Hudson Valley travel guide - Hudson Valley sightseeing

Hudson's Warren Street has nearly 50 antique stores, most of them with impudently costly plaster, which makes the goods in the Hudson supermarket relatively cheap. Another reasonably priced outpost on the city's major street are Fred E. Trout, Carousel, Fern, Henry, Warren Street antiques. Featuring 100 retailers covering 15,000 sq ft, this CL facve will sell everything from state jewellery to state cupboards at acceptable prices. The CL facve is available in a wide range of sizes.

Established in 1978, the two-storey business carries all kinds of old or old lamps that can be imagined - turn of the 20th centuries china lamps, gooseneck candelabra, decorative tags. You' ll be like a child in a confectionery chain at this cabinet, even though the choice (caramel breadsticks versus piles of coconuts) can arouse the fear of adults.

Here you can enjoy honey, jams and warm dressings - freshly made cakes, artisan cheese and delicious herbs. When Otto Leuschel opened the old scholastic supermarket on Main Street, he turned to his latest project: a five-and-ten review that made its debut last year. The business is geared to the indigenous people's needs and carries only goods manufactured in America, from kitchenware and stationary to ironware and dressmaking.

It was a great time to fall in touch with the antique displays and the lovely domestic pets Hänsel and Gretel. A small but cranky boutique offering jewellery and clothes by freelance artist, ceramics made by a native potters exclusive to Tivoli Mercantile, and a vast selection of chalk colours, known as Hudson Paint, created by Jill's man Arno in a surprise and funny range of colours from fluorescent red to cyan.

The Hudson River School of Painter, Thomas Cole, first leased a room in this farm house in the 1820s. Today you can visit his workshop and then take a walk to the places shown in Cole's work, which includes Catskill Creek (see the artist's 1836 portrayal). Frederic Church, Thomas Cole's protégée, equipped his Persian-style priest 600 ft above the Hudson River - with items from his journeys.

Don't miss a walk through the 211 hectares of land stretching along the eastern shore of the Hudson River. Otto Leuschel, former managing director of Whole Foods, runs this four-year-old company, which took over a shop in 1927 and sells products, jam and egg from communal farmhouses, a grocery retailer of the past. An apron and utensils decorate the wall at Miss Lucy's, where the convenience meal changes every day according to the time of year.

Each of the 30 rooms has a balcony with a view of the Esopus Creek and the Hudson River.

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