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Find out why we've gathered the best sights in the Hudson Valley so you won't miss a thing. Planning to explore the Hudson Valley by car. Waverstraw is close to some of the best cycling and hiking trails in the Hudson Valley. The children will love the historical games and art activities of the headless rider. We' ve compiled some of the best places in the Hudson Valley.

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This mountainous valley, which was the inspiration for the artists of the Hudson River School in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, offers great vistas and a lot to do. The Hudson River is a journey through American historical events. West Point's U.S. Military Academy is located on the west bank, while the east coast is home to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Vanderbilt Mansion, both of which are protected areas, as well as the state penitentiary facility Singapore Singsing.

The Hudson River has some of the best vistas from a railway viaduct located on a 212 foot walk above the waters. Part of the State Parks system, the beloved Over the Hudson walkways stretch 1.25m between Highland and Poughkeepsie. Landside-like decks overlook a rolling part of the valley, which is well placed to observe how the foliage changes colour.

There is no charge to cross the viaduct; there is a charge for car parks (on both sides of the river), but there are often free car parks near by. Catskill Mountains, which rise westwards of the stream, offers a dozen of paths through beautiful forests with great outlooks.

There are many paths for families, such as the 2 mile round tour to Kaaterskill Falls near Palenville. The Overlook Mountain has some of the most beautiful panorama sights, and the ascent can be combined with a stop at Woodstock, right on the street. The 2.6-mile gravel track climbs to a 3,140-foot summit that towers above the Hudson in the south and the hilly hills all around.

In the Hudson Valley, a number of once dozy cities have been upgraded over the years by the arrival of second owners from New York City. Railways run along the Hudson to Albany from Manhattan and restrict entry to the water. Albany's Corning Preserve has a gym course that follows the canal.

It is separated from the centre of Albania by railroads and a motorway, but a footbridge crosses the motorway and leads to a parking area with an amphitheatre.

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