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DISTRIBUTORS & SYSTEMS in Rhinebeck, NY. Phone Hudson Valley, Rhinebeck, New York. Find directions, reviews and information for Hudson Valley Telephone in Rhinebeck, NY. The Hudson Valley Message Bureau, telephone answering machine. Hudson Valley Telephone offers telephone systems and services for Dutchess County, Ulster County, Orange County and the entire Hudson Valley.


On-site we offer and assist in the provision of local PBXs, computer and peripherals solutions that include voicemail, call handling, call handling, call handling and more. We are also representing the service of a number of major carriers and can plan and implement the supply of T1 speech and T1 information circuitry, line relays, networking, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), analogue and SIP.

Headquartered on 2410 Route 44, Salt Point, NY, the company's 8,000 sq. m. operating centre provides services to New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and the Northeastern United States. We' re the oldest and biggest NEC, VERTICAL VODAVI (LG) and PANASONIC partners in the area and have more than $20 million in gear installations in Greater New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut over the last 7 years.

Over twenty-four (24) years, we have acquired more than 7,000 corporate and private customers.

Phone Fraud Targeting Central Hudson Customers

National Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation warns clients of a telephone fraud that seems to come from the utilities and indicates that their accounts are overdue. Central Hudson and its authorised utilities partner do not use the 800-933-6197 telephone number. "While we may call our clients from an occasional call, telephone numbers from this particular number, 800-933-6197, are not authorised by Central Hudson," said James P. Laurito, President and C.E.O. of Central Hudson.

"Clients who see this number on their call identification should ignore the call. In order to contact Central Hudson, clients should call (845) 452-2700 or 1-800-527-2714.

Government phone expands wideband

New Baltimimore - State Phone is going to bring high-speed high-speed high-speed Internet to New Baltimore and neighbouring communities, in part through a grant granted by the state last year. From the receipt of the subsidy in August 2016, state officials have been working on the planning and installing of fibre optical cables in the areas that the subsidy approves, among them New Baltimore, Athens and Coxsackie, said State Vice President Mark Evans.

In the first weeks of October, an 80,000 pound teleconcrete tower was moved from Indiana to act as the primary location for residential wireline deployment on the edge of the Union and Vernon roads in the Athens town, Evans said. Evans said new electricity pylons will be superseded by Central Hudson in the town of Athens.

The State Telephone supply area extends from Coeymans to Athens. EVAN said there are several laps of the wideband feed. and Coxsackie, and the second round went to another provider that will offer full range services to Catskill. "Round three, we're waitin' to listen," Evans said.

Twenty-five million dollars in grants covers the whole scheme and state phone will be refunded for 80 per cent of the costs, Evans said. Twenty per cent of the remaining shares are taken over by the state telephone company. State phone agents have notified legislators from every municipality and rural area affected by the scheme to let them know about where construction is happening, Evans said.

Widely anticipated to be available on a widely available base sometime in 2018 and will provide buyers with a 100 megabyte subscription for $60 a months at least, Evans said. It is limited to five years, and companies and others who need more than a few million bytes can call State Telephone.

Part of the State Telephone cover area is being upgraded, but not all portions are being carried out, Evans said. "We are planning further expansion, but it will be at our expense," said Evans. Mr Evans said that people in the areas affected by the scheme are excited about getting faster access to the web.

The New Baltimore Town Supervisor Nick Dellisanti said it will be good for the inhabitants to get faster services.

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