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This is Valley Table, Beacon, New York. Hudson Valley Farms, Food & Cuisine magazine. Try our recommended destinations from farm to table, including some of the best restaurants in the Hudson Valley. Find information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews on Hudson Valley Index in Germantown, NY. The monthly Edible Hudson Valley e-newsletter will inspire you to live locally.

Valley table

VERBACON - In a digitally evolving age, Valley Table Magazine is still published every three months with the same effect as it has for almost two years. Newspaper Jerry Novesky and Janet Crawshaw are the trailblazers of this vital book on Hudson Valley foods.

Use Valley Table as a ship to raise consciousness of the importance of community farming and to connect community farming with community cuisine. "The" game was just 20 years ago," says Janet Crawshaw. "Now that'?s what many of our locals get."

After a 8-month long political holiday, Crawshaw and Novesky launched the journal and a rural sustainable development move by travelling around the countryside trying some of the best food and restaurants in town. About 35,000 leagues later, they returned to Hudson Valley with an image of a magazin that would concentrate on the story of the locals.

"As we travelled the United States, we found that the link with the locals was established through food," Crawshaw remembers. Not only did this concept become an exponent of the Hudson Valley farmers, it also facilitated the link between the Hudson Valley's feed suppliers and farmers.

Shortly after the store was up and running, Crawshaw and Novesky launched Hudson Valley Restaurant Week, where attending venues offer an inexpensive lunch at a lower cost. "We began with 70 participant diners and now we're up to 200," Crawshaw said. It takes place in the fall and spring, with the forthcoming show taking place between November 2 and 15 in facilities throughout the Hudson Valley.

Over time, The Valley Table has kept pace by introducing a full online visibility through its website to keep in touch with its readers between monthly releases.

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