Hudson Valley Summer Activities

Hüdson Valley Summer Activities

Rotten days at the lake, barbecue with friends, summer camp, holidays and endless ice-cream cones. Registration for the summer camp is OPEN. The Hudson Valley Adventures summer camp for young people in the USA. Please visit our Summer Camp page or our Off Season Site Rental. Every spring we organize a summer camp and help to connect great children with great camps.

Sommercamp Guides

They are 4-12 years old and research, find and make arts! Teachers of the arts guide them to activities that stimulate their fantasy, with pottery, drawings and paintings, theater, dance and stop-motion videos with Spark Media Project and more! Featured guest performers and funny topics. Information and enrolment at or 845-471-7477. The application for the summer camps is OPEN.

Have a look at our summer plan to see what we have in mind. Thousands of new camping features, featuring funny topics, robottics, filmmaking and more. The activities provide an enviroment where pupils are empowered to develop and interoperate with technologies and discover the surrounding worlds through a practical way of encouraging through play.

Hudson Valley NY Top Summer Camp - Sports, Arts and Crafts

More than 50 years of leading a children's summer camps we can look back on a long story in which we have helped our camper to acquire a broad spectrum of new abilities and hands-on know-how. It is our opinion that not only should kids have a very enjoyable and thrilling camping adventure, but that their summer camping should also enhance their life and complement their educational abilities with activities such as our summer sport programm.

Supplementary activities are focused on bodily exercise, arts, music, cultural, natural and other creative expression. As well as our frequent early bird pick-up in the afternoons, we offer a bus service for campervans from the Hudson Valley, NY area with extra bus stations in the south provinces of Dutchess and Orange Counties.

"Exercising childrens performs better in academia and is less susceptible to mental and physical distress. The best souvenirs that will last a life time for your family! You are strongly recommended to take your offspring to this astonishing event and memento. We do not offer programmes that are aggressive and are designed to give your baby the chance to be taught at his or her own personal ability in every type of school.

Our activities also include exercise and mentally-exercising. Some of the activities: We are also the only summer camps near Hudson Valley to host aquatic ski trips. Additionally, we are offering overnight accommodation for the kids on request. Special activities regularly during the summer and may involve additional charges; not available every calendar year.

More than just a summer adventure, we are a life full of memory. Children visiting our campsite will have a great time this summer with one of the most beautiful summer programmes near Hudson Valley. With over 50 years of campsite expertise, the Estis family brings a broad spectrum of new abilities and hands-on expertise to your young.

Funniest summer camp in the Hudson Valley!

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