Hudson Valley Snow

The Hudson Valley Snow

Hudson Valley: More snow on the way Snow starts early and is at its hardest in the afternoons. National Weather Service forecasts 2-4 in Ulster County, 6-10 in Dutchess County, and 10-14 in Orange County, with the upper end of each area probably in the southerly part of each count. Hudson Valley Weather Locals Union, while stressing the unpredictability of this particular storm's forecast, was offering similar snow totals: 2-6 in most of Ulster county and NW Orange County and All Dutchess Count, with a layer to 2 in NW Ulster, pointing N and 6-12 in NW Orange Count, pointing S and S and SE.

National Hudson is preparing for a possible blackout. "We all saw our part of bad news this past months, but be advised that this next gale could also create electrical disruption conditions," said Charles A. Freni, Central Hudson's Sr. VP of Customer Services and Transmission & Distribution.

Ć½Freni said about 500 operatives are on stand-by to address tempest, among them 200 electrical line subcontractors and resource reciprocal operatives from New York and Midwest and 140 treeworkers and central Hudson teams.

Winters weather: -4-8? Snow and rain forecasting

National Weather Service has released a Hudson Valley Snow Guard for Wednesday, February 7th, predicting 4-8 inch snow rain and snow. Rainfall lasts from Wednesday mornings into the early hours of the evening. You should be expecting tough travelling circumstances, even during the early hours of the shuttle, with a significant reduction in your range of vision.

Hudson Valley Weather, a forecast by the locals, reports that the snow storms begin between 7am and 10am, traveling from 7am to 10am from western to eastern and passing between midday and 2pm to snow rains and ice showers in the southern part of I-84 and between 2pm and 4pm in the northern part of I-84; at higher elevations (6-12?) more severe and less severe concentrations are anticipated in the southern part of I-84 and the eastern part of Hudson (1-5?).

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