Hudson Valley Sightseeing

Sights of Hudson Valley

We' ve got reviews of the best places in the Hudson River Valley. Commence your Hudson River Valley escape here, in Dutchess County! From Frommer's reviews of the best attractions in Lower Hudson Valley, our free guide tells you what to see and what not to miss. The Hudson Valley highlights. I mean, you didn't cross those places off your list, you didn't see the valley.

A Sightseeing Tour around the Hudson River in New York

From Lake Tear of the Clouds in the high Adirondack Mountains to Upper New York Bay in New York City, the Hudson is New York State's most important and scenically beautiful canal. It is surrounded by a wide range of historical, culturally and naturally rich sites in the valley and valley made up of the Catskills, Adirondacks and other mountains that cross the area.

The Hudson River Valley was populated by the Mahican and Munsee Indians when the first Europeans came in the early seventeenth centuries, who were part of the wider Algonque civilization that expanded across the state of New York. It was the zero point of the conflicts during the wars of France and India and was an important centre of conflicts during the Revolutionary War.

Following the opening of the Erie Canal, the area becomes a main trading channel between the Midwest and New York City, becoming both commercially and commercially powerful. Hudson River Valley is home to several of New York's most prominent business people, among them John D. Rockefeller and Frederick William Vanderbilt. The Sleepy Hollow, renowned for the history of the rider without a head, houses an old 17th century temple and graveyard, as well as Kykuit, the Rockefeller residence, which is open to the general population.

The GeorgeĀ“s Island Park is situated in the centre of the Montrose riverbank and has an unspoilt wetland and several forest paths. In the nineteenth and nineteenth centuries, the stunning scenery of the Hudson and its surroundings inspired the founding of the Hudson River School, a group of artists who had a strong influence on US landscaping.

Hudson River Valley can be accessed from New York City via several rail routes, among them Metro Noord, a shuttle service to Poughkeepsie, and Amtrak, which crosses the whole valley to Albany and Troy in New York City's hinterland. It is also serviced by Stewart International Airport in New Windsor and Westchester County Airport in White Plains.

Hudson River Valley has a wide variety of accommodations, from camping sites and inexpensive hotels to luxurious hotels and historical B&B. The Hudson River Valley is a great place to stay. Hudson River Valley has become a haven for New York City restaurants and cooks, and the area is full of the finest places to eat that are rare in such countryside.

Situated in the Hudson River Valley, in the city of Hyde Park, the Culinary Institute of America has several local inns.

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