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An A Life Played Out' Review: Home Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival - Review of Boscobel House and Gardens, Garrison, NY We were in Boscobal to see the Shakespeare show. After buying a Grand Central Station pass that gave us a pass to visit the hotel, the trips run on the full time. Arrived at 12:05 and we were said the next trip would be at 13:00.

At the front the client services staff said we should go on the 1pm trip, and if we were the only ones, the instructor would take a quicker one. She was very kind and competent and interested in what she had to say.

It took an hours but it was full of interesting tales and delicacies from the story of how this building was built where it stands today and from the lives of that time. The lecturer knew about the different items of furnishings in the building, the wall paper, the floors and so on.

They were reluctant to miss the boat, but.... thanks to Dorothey and the staff at the Musée they got us a trip to the boat from the courier! There is also an audiovisual guide that can take up to three inches. We' ve heard the intro and some of the tales and would definitely suggest them to others, the tales are interesting, the storytellers are obviously busy with what they say.

On Shakespeare: Play Now

The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, a staging of "Richard II" that gives theatregoers a chance to see one of the playwright's less popular works, and a "taming of the informer" that performs it the way the writer would. Garrison, N.Y. Seven years ago, it was new by nature when the Oregon Shakespeare Festival launched a "Julius Caesar", whose lead was performed by a female actor, Vilma Silva.

What makes Davis McCallum's Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival version of "Richard II" remarkable is not that Julia Coffey was chosen as Shakespeare's unfortunate director, or that her appearance is so unmistakable: it's Mr. McCallum's directing.....

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