Hudson Valley Shakespeare Company

The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Company

The company is fresh, its plays are original and the actors are outstanding. The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival ends Sommercasting Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival has scheduled a full cast for the 2018 sommer period, including Shakespeare classic Richard II and The Taming of the Shrew, David Farr's adaption of The Heart of Robin Hood and the premieres of Seth Bockley's Rip Van Winkle and Old Moon Into Stars.

HVSF Conservatory Company will also perform an unusual show, The Sea-Maid's Music, developed and conducted by Zachary Fine. Under the direction of the HVSF's art directors Davis McCallum, Richard II will play Julia Coffey in the lead and Mark Bedard as Henry Bolingbroke together with Wesley Mann, Kurt Rhoads, Triney Sandoval, Chris Thorn and Nance Williamson.

Benjamin Bonenfant, Ralph Adriel Johnson, Biko Eisen Martin, Britney Simpson and Liz Wisan will also participate. We will show Charlotte Palmer-Lane's suit designs, Eric Southern's light designs, Stowe Nelson's sounds and Sandra Goldmark's plays. Alongside Liz Wisan as Kate and Biko Eisen Martin as Petruchio, Mark Bedard, Ralph Adriel Johnson, Kurt Rhoads, Triney Sandoval, Britney Simpson and Nance Williamson play.

It will be designed by Erika Chong Shuch, Ásta Hostetter's wardrobe concept, Ji Young Chan's light and Sandra Goldmark's stage concept. Composed of Benjamin Bonenfant, Julia Coffey, Liam Craig, Robyn Kerr, Sean McNall, Chris Thorn and Wesley Mann. Hudson Valley children's actresses Samuel Bates and Adam Cabo take turns in the roles of Jethro, Phoebe Bokhour and Talia Hird in the roles of Sarah.

Produced by Ryan Borque, Cait O'Connor and Ji Young Chan, sounddesign by Stowe Nelson and stage designed by Sandra Goldmark. Produced by Liam Craig, Robyn Kerr, Maribel Martinez and Sean McNall, and featuring 40 artists from the group.

This show is the official start of HVSF's Full Circle Program Initiatives, founded to create and maintain the fellowship through free workshop, meetings and live appearances for Hudson Valley people. Creativity teams include Charlotte Palmer-Lane suit designs, Eric Southern light designs and Sandra Goldmark stage designs. Sea-Maid's Music, developed and conducted by Zachary Fine, concludes the series with three shows at the HVSF Theatre Tent, among them an night show on August 13th and two free matinee shows for families on August 14th and 21st.

As part of the HVSF On the Road programme, the film will also be shown at local event locations. Conservatory Company, among them Tora Alexander, Justin Choi, Jose Gamo, Colleen Litchfield, Trace Pope, Susana Montoya Quinchia and Nome Sidone (Ehinomen Okojie). Jessica Wegener Shay is responsible for the entire project.

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