Hudson Valley Scenic Drives

Hudson Valley Scenic Cruises

From Connecticut to Pennsylvania on Hudson Valley Back Road. Did you drive the Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park? "Go down one of America's best scenic rides. The Upper Delaware Scenic Byway. Around the turn of the century Croton on Hudson stone plot with many options, currently zoned religious perfect.

Picturesque ride through the Hudson Valley

Last weekend's initial schedule was to participate in a colleague's anniversary celebration, but then he said the co-worker was under the bad weathers and the celebrations would be canceled. All of a sudden, my last week-end in October was open. I was out almost every autumn week-end last year. Autumn is my favourite season, and although I enjoy all the adventure of last year, I wanted to try to do a little more relaxing.

And New York and its surroundings are also very picturesque in late spring. However, now a week-end offered itself to do just that. Then I splashed up the West Side Highway, over the George Washington Bridge and on to Palisades Parkway with an accidental diversion to Fort Lee. All I had planned was to make it to Bear Mountain Bridge, where, according to the "Iove NY " tourist website, I would see leaves during the highweekend.

It seems that the party in this reserve takes place every week-end from September to the end of October. There was a breathtaking view through the forested valley of the hill. When I scouted out the scenery and granted myself a hoog, I jumped back into my vehicle and up to the Bear Mountains Bridge.

We had a park about a quarter nautical miles from the viaduct in a picturesque viewing area, so I paused there and took advantage of the look. Then I made the not-so-wise choice to get from my vehicle to the other one. Luckily I was living to tell the story and experience the Hudson Valley in all its splendour.

Phantastic Road Trips - Visit Orange County, NY

There is no lack of curvy streets that lead to stunning vistas and great places. The striking territory of Orange Country is beautified by 3 different mountains, the Appalachians, Ramapos and Shawangunks. We are also the only earldom in the Hudson Valley bounded by two astonishing but very different streams, the Hudson and the Delaware.

Between them, kilometre-long rural streets offer a wealth of tourist amenities, dining and accommodation. If you are riding on two or four bikes, if you have a lot of pleasure, you should discover these scenic trails.

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