Hudson Valley River Walk

The Hudson Valley River Hike

The Mills Mansion "walk" is just right for you. The hike begins on the Great Lawn and follows the white glazed path south along the Hudson River. Vanderbilt Mansion Loop Poet's Walk. It will take you to the Mid Hudson Bridge, back across the river to Poughkeepsie. Be aware of this if you are a slower rider, ride or run with children.

Stroll through the Hudson Valley (Bronxville, NY)

Can' t find the right group? In the Hudson Valley there are several hundred groups dedicated to trekking, but I can't find exactly what I'm looking for. These are some of the things - in no particular order - that make me want something else: 1. the walks are too quick - more a run to the end than a walk in the forest.

These walks are too demanding, with altitude gain of over 1,500ft. These walks are repeated: the same paths, the same loop and lollipop, the same in and out, the same park and park or parts of it. Hiking is more about "getting there" than just "being there". Others go into the forest to walk - it's more than just a semantic.

Surrounding forests and meadows are there to be discovered and appreciated - not just crossed. Each walk should be a "discovery tour". There is not enough room to relax, have a nice meal and meet other group members. Walks begin at 10:00 am and often begin at 10:30 am or later because some members are overdue.

I' m an early bird and want to get up at 9:00am. Especially in summers, when you can use the chilly morning, and in fall and winters, when it gets dark in the early afternoons, it is useful to begin early and end early. Beginning at 9:00 am and ending before 3:00 am both issues are solved.

Groups are too large - with up to 15 members at the beginning of the trail. Big groups are prone to noise, making it hard to appreciate the tranquility of the forest. Walks often begin on Saturday or Sunday when the paths are overcrowded and the car park is confined.

These walks favour the "warm" month and rejuvenate in winters. All year round, especially in winters, when we can use our snow shoes, walking sticks and equipment for all weathers. Walking in winters allows us to prevent the presence of midge, tick, mosquito and venomous snake. We are happy to exchange our insect repellent for a couple of Kahtoola NANOspikes in summer.

We also give points to members who accompany us on our tramp. Those are some of the things that make me unhappy with my walking possibilities. That' s why I'm founding a new group named Walk the Hudson Valley, one that will make trips in the forests that deal with the topics described above.

And if you want to go on a different kind of hike, you'll soon come for a peaceful walk in the forests.

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