Hudson Valley Resort & Conference Center

The Hudson Valley Resort & Conference Center

Located? miles from New York City, the Hudson Valley Resort & Spa is ideally located in the heart of the beautiful Shawangunk Mountains. The end of an era: The legendary Pinegrove Ranch and Resort closed

The Pinegrove ranch and the Cherrytown Road 30 Cherrytown Resort ended in silence at the end of September, mark the end of a long journey for the people. This 600 hectare farm, which had been in operation since 1971, was known for horse back rides, open-air swimming baths and waterslides, mountain climbers, bonfires, line dance and westerly hospitableness.

This year-round tourism destination was run by the famous business man David O'Halloran, who passed away on 29 May during a holiday in the Bahamas. The Rochester City Supervisor Carl Chipman said the closure was an "enormous loss" to the city. It was Pinegrove's second biggest privately owned company in the city - just behind the Hudson Valley Resort and Spa on Granite Road in Kerhonkson, Chipman said.

You would go to Stewart's or one of the petrol station, and you would see staff in the intermissions getting things, not to speak of the fact that the ponies had to eat," said Mr Cipman. Meanwhile, two sides are looking at the land, the warden said. One' a business man whom I don't think Mr. Shipman would be able to identify.

He said the former city dweller wants to preserve and refurbish it as a resort. "He said he should get in touch with Ulster County Economic Development and possibly check out the IDA (Industrial Development Agency) and maybe even try a PILOT (payment-in-lieu-of-taxes) programme so we can see that the Pinegrove will emerge and become a more powerful, sustainable company in the long run.

That is my hope," said Chipman, a good friend of O'Halloran. Another interested faction is the Brooklyn-based congregation of Machneh Rav Tov, which possesses a girl's warehouse a half of Pinegrove, Chipman said. "and if they bought Pinegrove, they'd actually own the first and a half miles of Cherrytown Road.

Prior to becoming a dachshund farm, the estate was known as Pinegrove Resort, said Mr Cipman. Many years ago, the former owner was struck by the catastrophe, according to Mr Cipman. It was a place where every year teams of people came here, and it was the same people every summer," said Mr Chichman. and we were a group. It was Pinegrove who had this welcome sense that is part of our legacy in the city and the Catskills.

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