Hudson Valley Primary Care

Hudson Valley Primary Care

Hudson Valley Primary Care recommends that you contact us if you have a concern or question about your care. Wappingers Falls, New York. FOIA-disclosable NPPES NPI entry contains health care provider information for health care provider HUDSON VALLEY PRIMARY MEDICAL CARE. Receive directions, reports and information for Hudson Valley Primary Care in Wappingers Falls, NY. VALLEY PRIMARY CARE dba HUDSON VALLEY PRIMARY MEDICAL CARE in WAPPINGERS FALLS, NY.

Wappingers Falls Office - Doctor in Wappingers Falls, NY

Hudson Valley Primary Care's trademarks are ease of use and comforts. Below you will find information about our opening times, our locations, our schedule, our receipt of your policy and our invoicing. It is important that you take your health insurer ID with you each time you come and inform us if your insurer has changed.

The high deductibles are $50. This is to partly pay the costs of the stay, unless the excess is paid and it is no longer the patients' liability under their own personal medical insurances. After Hours and emergency visits: If the practice is shut down, a doctor will be on hand to help you find adequate care.

Please consult our doctor before going to an ambulance or ambulance. On-call physicians are best placed to assess your health and control your care. Calling our offices will spare you higher co-payments for the ER and ECC.

In the event of a life-threatening medical condition, call 911 or go directly to the next ER. Our invoicing team is available during regular office times to talk about your methods of paying. The following is a listing of the Hudson Valley Primary Care policies in place since January 1, 2015. There are many different schemes within each policy that we may or may not have.

Therefore, you should call our offices to check your suitability and cover or call your insurer. Just actual clients, we do not accept new clients with these schedules. We do NOT approve this privacy statement. The Privacy Policy outlines how we, our business partners and their sub-contractors, may use and disclosure of your Proprietary Information on Public Health to perform medical, financial or healthcare (TPO) services and for other legally permissible or mandatory use.

The Privacy Policy also outlines your right to seek and monitor your proprietary healthcare information. "Proprietary Information " means information about you, which includes demographics, which may be identifiable and which relate to your past, present or prospective medical or psychological state and related healthcare provision. You have certain privileges when it comes to your medical information.

If you wish, you can ask to see or receive an e-mail or printed copy of your patient file and other healthcare information we have about you. You will receive a copy or recap of your healthcare information, usually within 30 working hours of your inquiry. They may ask us to rectify any information about you that they think is false or inaccurate.

We may be asked not to use or disclose certain medical information for the purposes of our treatments, payments or surgeries. There is no obligation to accept your inquiry and we can say "no" if this would interfere with your care. We can provide you with a bookkeeping record of the periods six years before you ask us with whom we have been sharing your medical information and why.

All of our disclosure, with the exception of those regarding care, pay and healthcare and certain other disclosure (such as those you have requested from us), will be included. When you have given someone a warrant or if someone is your legally appointed representative, that individual can exert your privileges and make decisions about your healthcare information.

Complaints can be submitted to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights by writing to 200 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20201, at 1-877-696-6775, or visit If you believe that we have infringed your data protection laws, you can lodge a claim with us or with the Minister of Health.

You can tell us your choice of what we are sharing for certain healthcare information. Please contact us if you have a clear preferences about how we disclose your information in the following circumstances. When you are unable to tell us your preferences, e.g. when you are out cold, we may disclose your information if we believe it is in your interest.

If necessary, we may also disclose your information in order to reduce a serious and immediate risk to your h&s. We will never pass on your data without your prior consent in writing: What do we do with or disclose your healthcare information? As a rule, we use or divide your healthcare information in the following ways.

We may use your healthcare information and sharing it with other healthcare providers that treat you. If a physician treats you for an accident, he will ask another physician about your general state of wellbeing. Your personal data may be used and shared to operate our clinic, enhance your care and get in touch with you as needed.

We use your healthcare information to administer your care and service. Your healthcare information may be used and shared to create invoices and receive payments from medical insurers or other institutions. You will be given information about yourself to your sickness fund so that they will cover your costs. What other ways can we use or disclose your medical information?

Your information may be disclosed in other ways - usually in a manner that contributes to the common good, such as for example in the areas of human resources, research and development. There are many legal requirements we must fulfill before we can disclose your information for these ends. There is a variety of ways in which we may disclose information about your condition, such as

Your information may be used for or shared with others for the purposes of healthcare research. If state or state legislation requires it, we will disclose information about you, as well as the Ministry of Social Affairs and Public Security, if it wishes us to comply with the Data Protection Act. We may disclose healthcare information about you to board sourcing organisations.

If a person is dying, we may exchange healthcare information with a specialist in forensic medicine, forensic medicine or undertaker. We may use or disclose your personal healthcare information: We may disclose your personal healthcare information in reaction to a judicial or regulatory order or citation. Your personal information is treated with the utmost confidentiality and safety.

You will be informed immediately if there is an infringement that could have affected your private sphere or the safety of your data. You are required to comply with the obligations and data protection policies described in this communication and to receive a copy. You will not receive any record of drug misuse treatments without your prior consent in writing.

By statute, we are committed to protecting the private lives of individual persons and to providing them with this statement of our statutory obligations and data protection practice with regard to proprietary healthcare information.

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