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B&B's to exquisite hotels, there are a number of wonderful places to rest your head at night. Tens of nationally recognized potteries in the picturesque Mid-Hudson Valley. Hudson River is lined from one end to the other with large mansions, but none is comparable to Ky. There are also bus connections to many other attractions in the Hudson Valley and Pennsylvania: Sights include the chapel, monuments, barracks and parades.

This" open-air museum" investigates the story of one of the most important places of the US industry revol...

The COLD SPRING, Putnam County (87 acres) - hikers at West Point Foundation Preserve are enjoying a quiet sound track - the soft sound of Findry Brook. This is far from the noise of the West Point Foundation that fills this gorge. In 1911, after the closure of the casting plant, the natural world gradually reconquered the country.

Nowadays, the paths run along old trackways, passing large remnants of the casthouse, the drilling mill and other important foundries, which resulted in their entry into the National Register of Historic Sites. Thrilling new interpretation characteristics - among them a 36-foot sculptured hydraulic impeller driving the drill - tell the history of the 87-hectare site's contribution to the industrial revolution and civil war and the clean-up that resulted in its astounding environmental regeneration.

Now, West Point Foundry Preserve is a great place to get away from the noise and connect with the past of the Hudson Highlands and its varied game. Make a one-of-a-kind audio-visual trip through the West Point Foundry Press Reserve by browsing with any Internet-enabled portable dev. To learn more about the West Point Foundry, please go to the Putnam History Museum at 63 Chestnut Street, just a brief stroll from the reserve.

In the former founding academy for teenagers and employee kids, it now houses a perpetual exhibition of artefacts, documentation and artwork, among them John Ferguson Weir's 1866 portrait The Gun Foundation. An 0.5 mile public access path from Cold Spring Metro North Station passes Cold Spring Fundry Cove, a refuge for water and migrating bird life, before leading past the 1865 casting house and other important buildings.

It is a delicate archeological site; please remain on signposted paths. Hunt for water birds is allowed in the adjoining Foundry Cove Marsh and Constitution Marsh Audubon Sanctuary from 10 October - 18 October and 7 November - 27 December.

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