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The waters of NYC have reached a very special maritime complement: The New York City & Lower Hudson Valley Clean Communities, Inc. ANNOUNCER: Welcome to AM Tour NYC/Hudson Valley. The Hudson Valley Community College logo. Find out more about Westchester, Rockland and Hudson Valley.

NY Hudson Valley Day Tour by Public Transport - New York City Message Board

You can almost get there by rail. From Rhinecliff it is a taxi to Rhinebeck. Spending a whole full days in Rhinebeck without a vehicle may be difficult, but it's definitely good for a few hour visits.

Hudson is a little further northern by rail. It' s well known for its antiques and has some nice boutiques and good food. It' a little less idyllic than Rhinebeck. I like Mohonk, but I think it's more of a week-end excursion than a outing.

It' a nice old motel with nice amenities and a nice place. When you are looking for an escape and think that you will use all the amenities, it would be rewarding. The Hyde and Bear Mountain are very different. It is a large state reserve with walking paths, picknick and suchlike.

The Hyde Park is a village/town and was once home to Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt, the Vanderbilts, to name the most notorious.


Each itinerary starts and ends at Victor C. Waryas Park in Poughkeepsie, NY- next to the North Metro-Stations. The following information applies to starting times and itineraries. Note that you cannot join a itinerary before or after opening a particular pane. Scheduling is dependent on the provision of routing assistance and service.

Please be there 30 min before the end of the starting period to allow enough free boarding in. From the Hudson via the Walkway to the quiet railroad and picturesque side roads of Ulster County, this family-friendly tour will take you back across the Waryas Park in Poughkeepsie, NY.

Please click here for the directions. Like the 15 miles itinerary with an extra 18 miles on Dutchess County secondary roads. Please click here for the directions. This 55 miles long itinerary starts like the 15 and 33 but heads southwards after the first picnic area in Ulster District before heading back to Walkway Over the Hudson.

Please click here for the directions. While the 75 and 100 miles begin like the 55 miles, they head back across the imposing Mid-Hudson Bridge over the Hudson River. This 75 miles long tour contains an extra 20 miles of Nordschleife through forests and farmhouses. On Sunday mornings the Metro North train arrives after the starting screen of this line has been shut down.

Please click here for the directions. While the 75 and 100 miles begin like the 55 miles, they head back over the imposing Mid-Hudson Bridge over the Hudson River. On Sunday mornings the Metro North train arrives after the starting screen of this line has been shut down. Please click here for the directions. Do you want to navigate/track your journey with your mobile phone?

But even if you have the itinerary on your mobile you should not drive before the scheduled starting point and not just trust your mobile will do. When you depart early, come to the resting places before you have had the opportunity to settle in. Don't disregard the rose arrow, green sign or queue page description because there is always a small possibility that we will have to modify the itinerary in the next few working hours.

After you click on the links to RSSVP for the meeting, please do the following: Discover Hudson Valley Events Page - All Routes: Resting places along the trail give bikers the opportunity to relax, fill up their tanks and fortify themselves with free picnics and drinks for the upcoming trip. Restrooms are available in Waryas Park and at every resting place.

For help between parking areas, call the driver number # on your driver's welcome page. Voluntary Marshalls will ride with you and be deployed along the trail to help with breakdowns. Because the SAG cars may be occupied and you will have to change before you return to Waryas Park, please be prepared.

The drivers can expect to hear a free barbecue, beers ('over 21s') and home-made icecream when they come back to the Waryus Park Festival. Fill up, unwind and party your destination while you listen to some cute melodies along the Hudson. When you have a friend or relative who is not booked for the trip but would like to join you at the festival, you can!

Each itinerary starts and ends at Victor C. Waryas Park in Poughkeepsie, NY, right next to the North Metro-Stations. Please be aware that anyone who drives the 100 or 75 miles trip must either remain in the area the day before the trip or arrive in the mornings ( "no moves out of NYC early enough to get 100 or 75 miles to the launch site).

there''s no train for 100 and 75 mile drivers the mornings. There will be drop-off at Pier 78 on Pier 78 (West Side Highway and 37th St.) on 6/23 (Saturday) between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm; after the trip it will be dropped off with just one of the bikes and brought back to the same place on 6/25 (Monday) for pick-up between 9.00 am and 7.00 pm.

It is recommended to use Google Maps for planning your itinerary. Type Victor C. Waryas Park, Poughkeepsie, NY, 12601 as the endpoint. Please fill out and send the following contact sheet if you would like to be a member of the media to discover Hudson Valley riding. TIME OF DEPARTURE?

Bookings can be made on Saturday, 23 June from 12:00 - 17:00 and from 7:00 in the mornings. The entire check-in is at Victor C. Waryas Park in Poughkeepsie, NY. It is advisable, if you arrive in the early hours of the trip, that your competitors report to the route at least 30 mins before the planned closure of the start window to make sure they have sufficient opportunities to get through the check-in line, get their queue slip (turn-by-turn instructions), use the toilet and get a free breakfasts.

When organizing your journey, please consider travelling season, car parks and possible routes. -WHAT LETTIES TO RIDE? Arrival check-in and breakfasts begin at 7:00 a.m.; the starting hours are based on your chosen itinerary. Longer the itinerary, the earlier it starts. You will receive your own CD cues ten-minute before each launch screen.

Take-offs are phased so that the journey runs smooth, bikers are shared out and the effects on the streets and municipalities are minimised. WHENEVER WILL I GET MATERIAL FOR MY TRIP? On the Discover Hudson Valley Bike, your bib will be handed out at check-in on the exact date of your trip.

IS IT POSSIBLE TO APPLY ON THE DATE OF THE TRIP? Yes, the date of enrolment is available in the Victor C. Waryas Park in the mornings. It is valid for cash only. DOES THE ROUT ARE CLEARED FOR AUTOMOBILES? No, no. The road is open to the public. IS IT POSSIBLE TO CHANGE THE ROUTING WHILE DRIVING?

On every itinerary there are certain points where you have to choose whether you want to proceed on the selected itinerary, or change to another one. Please use the signage for the itinerary you have selected. Bottle (s) of bottled drink - You can top it up at the starting line and at any stop. Included in your enrolment fees are the entrance ticket, a queue slip, entrance to the track's facilities and facilities (e.g. service areas and SAG support), a T-shirt, a free barbecue luncheon, free New Belgium beers (!) for people over 21, home-made icecream at the Finish Festival and a finishing award!

TO WHERE DO THE RETURNS FROM THE TRIP GO? DO I GET ARE REFUNDED FOR MY TRIP OR CAN I GIVE/SELL MY APPLICATION TO ANOTHER PERSON? HOW HIGH IS THE ALTITUDE GAINED FOR EACH ROUTE? Young people between the age of 3 and 17 are welcome if they sign up, travel with a parental or legal guardian and follow these guidelines:

FOR HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? It is possible to drive at your own speed and stop at resting places for as long as you want, provided you stay in front of the SAG cars lying on the back of the backpack. Closing time for the finishing line is 6 pm, so keep your speed and drive accordingly.

IS IT POSSIBLE TO RECEIVE THE ITINERARY PLANNER IN ADVANCE? The queues are issued on the mornings of the trip, ten mins before the beginning of the starting times for each course. So we can adjust the itinerary at the last moment and make sure that the drivers begin their journey at the right moment when the resting places are open and the SAG cars are in place.

No, no. You have to take your purse.

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